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Bộ lọc khí hiệu suất trung bình hình trụ được chế tạo tùy chỉnh, bộ lọc bộ lọc hình trụ nhỏ, bộ lọc hấp phụ bụi hình trụ

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The role of the filter

1 filter function

The filter is to filter the dust and impurities in the air engine oil. They are not allowed during the normal operation of the car

The missing parts, although the monetary value is very small compared with the car, are very important. If used badly

Quality or substandard filters will cause

1) The service life of the car will be greatly shortened, and there will be insufficient fuel supply, power drop, black smoke and difficulty in starting

Or the cylinder is seized, which affects driving safety

2 Although the price of accessories is low, but the maintenance cost in the later period is high

2 Fuel filter function:

The filtering effect filters and burns impurities in the production and transportation process to prevent the oil system from corroding and magnetic damage

3 Air filter function

The air device is comparable to the human nose, and it is the first "checkpoint" through which air enters the engine.

The function is to remove some suspended particles in the air from Feng Shui to ensure the normal operation of the engine

4 Oil filter function:

The function of the machine tool blocks the metal process produced by the engine speed and the soil during the adding process.

Grey sand, to ensure that the overall sliding system is purified, reduce parts, thereby prolonging the service life of the engine

5 The function of the air conditioner filter:

The function of the device is to keep the air in the car clean, the air in the car to drive and the output of the passenger book

Produce a large amount of carbon dioxide and other miscellaneous substances, which must meet certain hygiene standards and must be cited when the car is closed.

Calculate the air outside the car to improve the quality of the air and protect the driver’s and employees’ hearts.