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Филтрҳои шусташавандаи H12 HEPA барои Phil ips FC9080 & Electrolux EL012W & Eureka Sanitaire чангкашакҳо Қисми # 60286A

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Қисми ном
Washable H12 HEPA Filters for 
Phi lips FC9080 & Electrolux EL012W & Eureka Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaners Part # 60286A
Қисми №
Кабуд ва сафед (фармоишӣ)
Fiberglass + Plastic Frame
H12 High Efficiency (Customized)

Модели мувофиқ:

Replace for Eureka Vacuum Cleaners Part # SP012, H12, H-12, 60286A, EL012W, EL012B, EL02 , H13, HF1, EF26 VF15, EL5010A.
Fits Eureka and Eureka models: Electrolux EL5010 Series, EL5035 Series, EL6980 Series, EL7000 Series, EL7020 Series, EL7050
Series, EL8500 Series.
Fits Electrolux Eureka Sanitaire H12 HF1 Upright/Canister Pleated Hepa Filter Aptitude, Harmony, Oxygen, Oxygen Ultra, Sanitaire System Pro, Eureka, Whirlwind, Cyclonic, Europa Power Team, Excalibur Home Cleaning System.

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