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H13/H14 మెటీరియల్

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Environmental Materials H14 hepa Filter Material for HVAC

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ఉత్పత్తి లక్షణాలు

Strong wash-ability   Excellent flame retardancy    Economical and practical

Low initial resistance   Elasticity

Purpose of product

Rough dust filtration, main dust particles: 0.3μm, applicable to the pre-filtration places of air filtration system such as air conditioner, train, subway,etc; and widely  used in electronics, pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, painting, medical, research, semiconductor, precision industry, etc.

Material list



99.95%   0.3μm(H13)  , 99.995%  0.3μm(H14) (EN1822)

Final resistance

Recommend: 100-200Pa

ఉష్ణోగ్రత నిరోధకత

80 ℃