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Punctul de filtrare pentru lichide trebuie acordată atenție la instalare

Timpul: 2023-03-12

1. Take out a new filter bag. The new filter bag is sealed in the carton.

2. Turn off the power to stop the pump and ensure that the inlet and outlet valves are closed;

3, release the pressure, for safety, to ensure that the nozzle is rushed to a safe place, open the exhaust valve slowly reduce the filter pressure;

4. Open the cover, ensure that the pressure of the filter cylinder drops to zero, open the cover, and then replace;

5. Ensure that the filter edges are cleaned;

6. Check the arc and edge of the basket. The surface of the top edge of the basket in contact with the filter cylinder must be flat. If there is no net basket or the net basket is installed incorrectly, the filter will fail.

7. Install the new filter bag. The filter bag must be inserted into the net basket, and the sealing ring of the filter bag must sit correctly in the sealing slot;

8. Test the gasket and select the gasket compatible with the fluid. Close the cover, taking special care to ensure that the washer is not twisted or out of slot when closing the filter cover, tighten the ring nut clockwise;

9. Închideți supapa de evacuare și deschideți comutatorul pompei. Deschideți supapa de admisie și deschideți încet supapa pentru a vedea dacă există scurgeri. În caz de scurgere, închideți imediat supapa de admisie și deschideți supapa de evacuare de la repornire