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Cum se instalează un filtru de înaltă eficiență?

Timpul: 2022-06-24

High efficiency filter is the key to the construction and installation of purified air conditioning system and clean room, the following points should be noted during installation:

1,Cleaning before installation: The installation environment needs to be cleaned beforeinstalling the high-efficiency filter, so as to ensure that the filtration performance is not affected.

2, the system should be air-blown clean: before the installation of high-efficiency filters need to be effective cleaning of the filtration system.

3,The purification workshop should be fully cleaned again, such as vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner, shall not use ordinary vacuum cleaner, must use a vacuum cleaner equipped with ultra-clean filter bag.

4,If installed in the ceiling, the ceiling should be cleaned.

5,Then test run the system up to 12h and clean the clean room again beforeinstalling the high efficiency filter.

Only by living in a clean air environment, we can live a healthier life. The use offiltru de înaltă eficiență can effectively alleviate the phenomenon of air pollution, high efficiency filter can filter the air contains impurities and dust and other substances that are seriously harmful to the human body, so it can be seen thatfiltru de înaltă eficiență is an essential part of production and life.