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Cât de des să înlocuiți filtrele de înaltă eficiență pentru camera curată?

Timpul: 2022-06-21

With the rapid development of national economy and scientific research, the application of clean room is more and more widely, and as a key component to maintain the cleanliness, the clean room filtru de înaltă eficiență is particularly important, which constitutes a clean room three filtration system together with the primary filter and medium efficiency bag filter. At present, the general production enterprises with cleanroom pay more attention to the filter, after all, it is directly related to the quality of their products. So, how often to replace the cleanroom high efficiency filter?

How to solve the problem from the root?

How often do you replace the cleanroomfiltre de înaltă eficiență?

Method -:According to the order.

Today's cleanrooms have been widely used in electronics, aerospace, machinery, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, medical, biological engineering ....... And if you ask the question that all industries are concerned about, it is inevitable: how often to replace the clean roomfiltru de înaltă eficiență - a time?

Air filters belong to industrial consumables, if simply according to the Ministry, the general primary filter about 3 months to replace once, medium-effect filter about 6 months to replace,filtru de înaltă eficiență about 1 year to replace, the product replacement costs are still relatively large.

How often to replace the clean room high efficiency filter - times?

Method 2: "Curve to save the country".

On the question of how often to replace the cleanroomfiltru de înaltă eficiență, different people have different answers. Some people follow the rules and replace the cleanroom high efficiency filter regularly, while others start with the maintenance and replacement of the primary filter to save costs by "saving the country".

Because the general primary filter is relatively inexpensive, diligent replacement can prevent the accumulation of too much dust, so as not to affect the service life of the intermediate filter andfiltru de înaltă eficiență. In the time of primary and intermediate efficiency filters, in order to save costs, we can ask the manufacturer to give you only change the inside of the filter media can be, the cost is much lower than the price of redoing a filter.

How often to replace the clean room high efficiency filter?

Method 3:Treat both the symptoms and the root cause.

The role of cleanroomhigh-efficiency filters is becoming more and more prominent in today's society, how often to replace cleanroom high-efficiency filters, and how to solve the problem at the root has become the concern of manyProducatori. Compared to the regular replacement of the step-by-step type, as well as the "curve to save the country" type of rescue, directly from the source to do a good job, choose to use a good - point of filtru de înaltă eficiență is not a good strategy. If you want to treat both the symptoms and the root cause, it is best to go straight to the root cause. Ultra-fine H Ⅳ fiber media to be better, good filtration materials can effectively improve the life of the clean room high efficiency filter, increase the dust capacity, too poor filter media, may be cheaper in the purchase of time apart, but the need for frequent replacement, count down instead of cost-effective.