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Shanghai airfiltech Co., Ltd. (Sffiltech)was established in 2006 and is an enterprise that specializes in long-term research and development of air purification technology, material production, equipment manufacturing, and engineering construction. With a focus on technological development, the company learns from foreign purification process technology, combines it with the domestic situation, constantly strives for excellence, and provides dedicated products and services for industrial facilities such as electronics, food, health products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, blood products, Solar Photovoltaics, and automotive components, as well as production, testing, teaching, and research laboratories, medical surgery departments, ICU, NICU, and other medical facilities.

Sffiltech mempunyai 100,000 bengkel penulenan gred dengan mini-pleat auto canggih, barisan pengeluaran penapis udara clapboard dan lain-lain penapis udara hepa, beg penapis poket, barisan pengeluaran pra-penapis dengan mesin seperti berikut: Mesin lipat kertas penapis PP, Mesin lipat kertas penapis gentian kaca, Mesin lipat automatik aluminium foil, Mesin lipat pra penapis, Peralatan pengeluaran penapis beg, Mesin pembentuk automatik rangka aluminium pra penapis, Mesin pemotong sudut bingkai aluminium penapis Hepa, Mesin pemotong bingkai aluminium, Peralatan ujian DOP, Pembilang zarah, Penjana Aerosol, Ujian bahan mentah peralatan dan peralatan pembuatan penapis udara lain yang berkaitan.



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