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नीटो बोटवाक रोबोट डी सीरीज व्हॅक्यूम क्लीनर डी 70, डी 80, डी 85, 70, 75 ई, 80 ई, 85 साठी ब्लॅक स्क्वेअर अल्ट्रा-परफॉरमेंस फिल्टर

आम्हाला संपर्क करा
उत्पादन तपशील
भागाचे नाव
Black Square Ultra-Performance Filter Replace for Neato Botvac Robot D Series Vacuum Cleaner D70,D80, D85, 70, 75e, 80e, 85
भाग क्रमांक
Black and White (Customized)
ABS Frame and Glassfiber and Nylon Net
HEPA Filter (Customized)

फिट्स मॉडेल:

Replacement Neato filter Applicable models: Compatible with all Neato BotVac series, 70e, 75, 80, 85,

Neato BotVac D series D75, D80, D85,and BotVac connected robot vacuums

विशेष गुणधर्म

Perfect with pets: Replacement Neato Connected filter Captures particles and fine dust including cat and dog dander, and fibers from textiles and carpet.
Efficient Replacement Neato BotVac filter: Machine-washable and reusable. The filters captures particles and Fine dust as small as 0.3 microns.
It's best to replace your neato parts every 2 to 3 months to keep your home robot operating at peak performance.