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Класификација на филтрите за воздух собирач на прашина и како да изберете филтри за воздух собирач на прав

Време:-2021 07 14-

The dust collector air filter can effectively separate the dust in the flue gas. It is generally used in boilers and industrial production equipment to effectively reduce air pollution and make a contribution to environmental protection. The dust air filter has different performances. Classification, and the market price, operation and operation of dust removal filters of different performance are different

Dust collector air filters include the following:

1. Bag air filter

The filter of the bag air filter has a high degree of filtration, and can separate the dust in the flue gas in a large range. It has a long running time and stable performance. The filter of the bag air filter is mainly used to separate large particles of dust in industrial exhaust gas, such as metallurgy and tobacco. , Boiler dust removal, etc.

2. Stand-alone dust collector filter

The single-unit dust collector filter can effectively separate the dust, but the dust removal capacity is relatively low, and it is generally suitable for industrial sites that do not require high dust removal capacity.

3 Desulfurization dust collector air filter

The sulfur dust collector air filter is mainly used to increase the contact surface of the flue gas and the aqueous solution to promote the dissolution of the flue gas and the spray water, thereby achieving the effect of dust removal. Desulfurization dust collector air filters are generally suitable for building materials or foundry and other fields, and the filtration performance is also very stable. There are many types of dust collector air filters in the market. How should customers choose? Dust plays a very important role in the performance analysis of dust collector air filters. Therefore, when choosing a dust collector air filter, we must first accurately learn the dispersibility of dust, and choose dust collector air filters of different particle sizes according to different dust characteristics, so as to effectively ensure the highest filtration efficiency. Secondly, you need to have a certain understanding of the dust collector air filter manufacturer, you can consider from the development scale, service attitude, market reputation and many other aspects. Shop around and compare different manufacturers to choose a more cost-effective dust removal filter. Under normal circumstances, brand dust collector air filters are relatively trustworthy. Whether it is product quality or after-sales maintenance, brand dust collector air filters are very guaranteed. It is recommended to choose brand filters instead of pursuing convenience, so as not to cause later use Trouble

The role of dust collector air filters in production is very large, and the effective filtering of dust in the air also ensures the orderly production of enterprises and contributes to the cause of environmental protection. Nowadays, the recognition of dust collector air filters in the market continues to increase, and the development prospects of the industry are very good. At the same time, the dust removal

Filter manufacturers are also constantly carrying out technological innovations, striving to provide consumers with better services