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Locum pro Smart Run Genesis Lion Run Ruiou Sterilitatem PM2.5 Anti-Smog HEPA Aeris conditionem Filter

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Please check the brand and model: Applicable to Zhipao Luoensi Lion Pao Ruiou sterilization PM2.5 anti-smog HEPA air conditioning filter 97133-2E200

Activated carbon series black net + white net series

Activated carbon + formaldehyde treasure + potassium permanganate particles HEPA mesh modified filter cotton + deep filtration

01-PTE primary filter layer

The long net filters large particles such as dust,

No collection, even fiber distribution

02-High efficiency filter layer

Imported melt, small ball, high, heavy wind, faster

Clean air, M25 over-building efficiency is over 97%

03-Activated carbon layer

Nano modified activated carbon and improved bamboo charcoal factor can effectively remove formaldehyde in the air in the car

Harmful gases such as TVOC, benzene, ammonia, and peculiar smell.

04-Plastic honeycomb skeleton

The use of engineering plastic honeycomb skeleton strengthens the strength of the filter and prolongs the service life of the filter.

The installation is not deformed, and it is more durable than the paper filter frame.

05-Thickened sealing sponge

Adopting the design of adding foam around, better sealing, ensuring that the air of the air conditioning fan will not pass through the bypass

Outflow, the air filtration efficiency is greatly improved