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Medya Parzûna Karbonê ya Çalakkirî Karbona Çalakkirî Panela Parzûna Hewayê Karbon Pembû

Paqij bûn

Destpêk Product

Activated Carbon Fiber is an excellent functional adsorbent material due to its high porosity and large surface area. It can be made into many different patterns, such as activated carbon felt, activated carbon cloth, and other activated carbon fabric.

Activated carbon is also called activated charcoal and the two can be used interchangeably. Activated Carbon Fiber is an effective material for purifying water and removing odors and volatile organic compounds.


BazirganîHotels, Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Home Use, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops
Vîdyoya derketin-teftîşêPeyda kirin
Rapora Test MachineryPeyda kirin
Garantiya pêkhateyên bingehîn1 Sal
Pêkhateyên BingehînQumaşê Parzûnê
Kêrhatîya bicîanîn65%, G3, G4
avahîMedya Filter
Place of OriginHaianghay, Çîn
Dimension (L * W * H)500 * 500 * 0.3mm
Libersekînînmehan 3
Piştî xizmetê ya piştî firotanêEndezyarên ji bo hacetên xizmeta saxên
Medium MaterialFîbera karbonê ya çalakkirî
porozîtîmicron 5

Description Product

Advantages of Activated Carbon Fiber

Avahiya mîkro-porek pir pêşkeftî (< 2nm).

Outstanding regeneration and degeneration process due to its large surface area.

Kapasîteya ku zû bigihîje karbidestiya hêvîdar.

Rêjeyên adsorbasyon û desorbasyonê pir bilez û bikêrhatî.

Adsorbasyonek hêja ya maddeyên bi giraniya kêm.

Tensile strength allows activated carbon fiber to be made into many different patterns.

Acid berxwedêr û berxwedêr Alkaline.

Highly heat resistant, excellent electric conductivity, and chemically stable.

Naveroka ash kêm.

Design flexibility. Available as an activated carbon sheet or as an activated carbon roll.

Mesrefa nisbeten kêm bi hilberek pir zêde ve girêdayî ye.

Lighter and less bulky when used for filter systems when compared to those made with Granular Activated Carbon.

Many advantages over powdered forms of activated carbons: form-fitting property allows it to be fabricated into many available shapes (activated carbon cloth, felt, and paper) to meet any unique requirements in application, greater capacity, and higher speed in performing adsorption and desorption, and secondary contamination is not a concern.Applications

Vejandina Pêkhateyên Organîk û Solvents

Activated carbon fiber is widely used for recovering organic compounds and solvents (up to 97% recovery) as adsorption and desorption are extremely quick and efficient. Filters that contain activated carbon fiber can also be used in compressed air and gas purification to remove oil vapors, odors, and other hydrocarbons in the air.

Paqijkirina hewayê û materyalê parzûna karbonê

Activated carbon fiber is frequently used to make activated carbon filter sheets and activated carbon filter / filtration systems that can eliminate foul-smelling odors in the air. Activated carbon fiber can also remove harmful particles and contaminants such as carcinogens, exhaust, and other pollutants (such as formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia).

Paqijkirina ava avê

Activated carbon fiber can be used to treat phenolic wastewater and medical waste.

Paqijkirina ava vexwarinê

Activated carbon fiber is frequently used for water treatment and for distilled alcoholic beverage purification. Activated carbon fiber filters can filter beverages such as vodka and whiskey with organic impurities to improve odor, color, and taste.

Parastina Leşkerî / Cil û berg

Activated carbon fiber can be used in many military defense applications, such as for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) protective clothing: it has the same basic characteristics as clothing (including strength, flexibility, and endurance). It can also be easily cut into different sizes and shapes.

Maskên Parastinê

Activated carbon fiber can be used for gas masks that filter poisonous gas such as benzene and carbinol.

Refrigerator deodorizer

Activated fiber carbon can be used to remove odors and keep food refresh in refrigerators.

Yên din

Activated Carbon Fiber can be made into anti-corrosive and heat insulating material.

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