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Shanghai airfiltech Co., Ltd. (Sffiltech) was established in 2006 and is an enterprise that specializes in long-term research and development of air purification technology, material production, equipment manufacturing, and engineering construction. With a focus on technological development, the company learns from foreign purification process technology, combines it with the domestic situation, constantly strives for excellence, and provides dedicated products and services for industrial facilities such as electronics, food, health products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, blood products, Solar Photovoltaics, and automotive components, as well as production, testing, teaching, and research laboratories, medical surgery departments, ICU, NICU, and other medical facilities.

Sffiltech xwedan atolyeya paqijkirina pola 100,000 e ku bi mînî-pişka otomatîkî ya pêşkeftî, xeta hilberîna parzûna hewayê ya clapboard û yên din parzûna hewayê hepa, çenteya parzûnê ya pocketê, xeta hilberîna pêş-fîlterê bi makîneyên jêrîn re heye: Makîneya pelçiqandina kaxezê Parzûna PP, Makîneya pelçiqandina kaxezê Parzûna Fiberglass, Makîneya pelçiqandina otomatîkî ya pelê aluminium, Makîneya dakêşana berê Parzûnê, Amûrên hilberîna Parzûna çenteyê, makîneya çêkirina otomatîkî ya çarçoweya aluminiumê ya berê, Parzûna Hepa makîneya qutkirina quncikê ya çarçoweya aluminumê, makîneya qutkirina çarçoweya aluminium, Amûrên ceribandina DOP, jimarvana parçikê, Generatorê aerosolê, ceribandina madeya xav amûr û alavên din ên hilberîna parzûna hewayê ya têkildar.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of win-win cooperation and mutual development with customers, establishes a development strategy of building a strong enterprise with talent, technology, quality, and service strength, and sets up a team for technology research and development, engineering construction management, and after-sales service in the field of purification, with dozens of talents in the company. Good projects and products, along with excellent pre-sales technical support and after-sales service, have earned praise from customers. Since its establishment, the company has undertaken numerous design and construction projects and has served hundreds of enterprises and organizations.

Choosing Sffiltech means choosing a thoughtful and reliable service and guarantee. Partnering with Sffiltech will provide you with a satisfactory engineering, equipment, and technical support. Sffiltech is willing to tailor-made solutions for you and create high-quality engineering products and services. Sffiltech is committed to working together with various enterprises and organizations to seek better development and embrace a brighter tomorrow!

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