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  • How to choose the right machine for hepa air filter,pocket filter bag machine?

    This is the story of one of our customer who come to china and try to find the machine for heap filter making machine,pocket filter bag making machine. Most important is the hepa filter making machine.
    After i get this job,Firstly, i checked all the airfilter machine supplier in china. At least find 3-5 factory to check their website and their factory condition, then bring customer to such factory to check:

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  • How To Select The Air Filter Correctly?

    How to select the Air Filter correctly requires the following selection methods.

    1. Check air cleanliness (CADR)

    Air cleanliness is an important indicator of the quality of an Air Filter. It refers to how many cubic meters of clean air can be exported per hour. When the Air Filter is selected, the higher the clean air index, the higher the purification efficiency of this Air Filter. Of course, the higher the clean value, the better the better. This is mainly based on the actual operating environment of the enterprise. If the air cleanliness is very high, though it indicates that the filtration effect is very good, it does not help the actual work, but increases the cost of the enterprise.

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  • Precautions For Installing Air Filter

    With the air pollution problem more and more serious, junior high efficiency Air Filter in the industrial application is more and more common. However, if the installation is unreasonable, may cause junior high efficiency Air Filter filtration efficiency. Here are some precautions when installing:

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  • What are the Air Filter with Air Filter?

    As we all know, the Air Filter must be equipped with Air Filter, no duct connection, dusty gas is not able to enter the Air Filter, that is, as long as the duct can not be able to ensure that dust can enter the Air Filter OK The
    Xiaobian often encounter some customers, they are only for the Air Filter is not air leakage, dust dust can be transported to the Air Filter on the line, but the equipment in use after a period of time, the effect slowly deteriorated to the final equipment basic functions Are lost, in fact, this is wrong, Xiaobian below to share with you under the Air Filter with the air pipe when the attention.

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  • Why efficient Air Filter resistance is very practical

    With the increasing environmental pollution and the strengthening of people's environmental awareness, air quality has become one of the focus of attention. It is now recognized that air filtration systems not only protect machinery but also protect people. Therefore, the application of high efficiency Air Filter is more and more widely, including the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics production workshop, hospital, food processing industry, clean room, air conditioner, HAVC system.
    But the total cost of clean air system is high, the operating costs of clean equipment accounted for a large proportion of the total cost, for example, the general electronics factory clean room using axial fan shaft air circulation form, if the unit cycle wind energy consumption by 0.236w M3 / h) calculation, electricity costs 0.6 yuan, only about 5 million yuan per year to run electricity.

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  • What are the characteristics and uses of high temperature and high efficiency Air Filter?

    What are the characteristics and uses of high temperature and high efficiency Air Filter?
    High temperature and high efficiency Air Filter is our main product, compared with other filters, its filter effect is very good, and can be used in high temperature environment. So, what is the characteristics of this high temperature and high efficiency Air Filter, where can be used to repair it?
    First, the high temperature and high efficiency Air Filter features:

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