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Dab tsi yog cov plua plav muaj peev xwm ntawm galvanized thav duab hnab hom cua lim ntsig txog?

Sij hawm: 2023-03-28

When we choose the filter equipment, we look at the rated air volume, initial resistance, final resistance and other parameters of the filter, but we will ignore a parameter called filter dust capacity. Taking the medium-effect filter bag as an example, the dust capacity and the size of the bag depth have a direct relationship. When choosing the bigger the size, the more the deeper the better? What effect does this parameter have on the dust capacity of galvanized frame bag air filter? One by one for your detailed explanation:

Galvanized frame bag air filter

In fact, the dust capacity is a relative data, is the test of the filter in the characteristic environment, different environment will be different filter dust capacity, and different central air supply equipment for the filter dust capacity is different. We must first understand their own demand direction, so that we can better determine the filter dust capacity, so as to avoid the purchase of blind areas. For example, the pretreatment of fresh air requires galvanized frame bag air filter to contain large amount of dust and use for a long time. Because as the amount of dust increases, the amount of ventilation decreases. When it reaches a certain value, it plummets. And some fine chemical enterprises need air filter products with smaller dust content in the environment with higher ventilation requirements.

The size of dust capacity of galvanized frame bag air filter will also affect the working performance of the equipment in the future. In fact, for filter equipment, the size of dust capacity of the filter is an important standard for consumers to choose and buy. In industry, it is generally necessary to have large dust capacity of the filter, so that it can work better, but not all of them are standard.

Some filter labels in the market will deliberately exaggerate the filter dust capacity, in order to attract the eyes of consumers, Changrui reminds us that when hearing the goods introduced by businesses, it is not only to see the filter dust capacity parameters, but also to combine modern technology for reference, sometimes the actual work efficiency of filter dust capacity and other related, in the process of use, Be sure to choose the right filter.

Galvanized frame bag air filter

Cua lim tau lees paub los ntawm ntau thiab ntau tus neeg, nws txhim kho huab cua zoo thiab ua kom tib neeg noj qab haus huv, thiab tau siv dav, xws li tshuaj, khoom noj khoom haus thiab lwm yam kev lag luam yog inseparable los ntawm txhua yam ntawm efficiency lim.

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