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Don't know the key points of high efficiency air filter purchase

Denbora: 2022-07-18

With the deepening of industrialization in China, the problem of air pollution has become more and more serious. The exhaust gas produced in the process of industrial production has greatly increased the content of impurities in the air, which is also one of the reasons for the frequent occurrence of hazy weather. In order to solve this problem, many consumers choose to usehigh-efficiency particulate air filters for outdoor air filtration, but because there are many types of high-efficiency particulate air filters in the market, consumers who do not understand the depth is easy to be deceived, the followingSFFILTECH will introduce the points to note the purchase of high-efficiency particulate air filters.

1,Filtration technology of high efficiency particulate air filter

With the continuous improvement of technology, high efficiency particulate air filters filter dust impurities in more and more diverse methods, such as adsorption method, electrostatic method, interception method, etc., the following SFFILTECH will introduce for you in detail.

Adsorption method:

The adsorption effect of high efficiency particulate air filter mainly relies on activated carbon, activated carbon material is distributed inside a complex structure of voids, when the harmful gas molecules into the pore structure, will be adsorbed.

Electrostatic method:

The electrostatic filtration technology in the high efficiency particulate air filter is derived from the industrial electrostatic precipitator, which generally has two filtration stages. When the air passes through the first filtration stage, the dust particles in the air will be charged under the action of the circulating ions between the electric field, and when entering the first filtration stage, the charged particles will be filtered and collected under the action of the electric field force.

Interception method:

The interception method is a more traditional filtration technology, the filtration accuracy of this filtration technology and the size of the filter gap pore size has a great relationship, the smaller the gap pore size, the higher the filtration accuracy. The dust particles in the air move with the airflow, when the airflow through the filter, the dust particles will collide with the filter, and then be intercepted.

2,The filtration efficiency of high efficiency particulate air filter

In addition to filtration technology, the filtration efficiency of the equipment is also the focus of attention when choosing a high efficiency particulate air filter. Different consumers have different filtration needs, if the filtration efficiency of high efficiency particulate air filters is too low, not only can it not achieve the expected use effect, but also cause a waste of money.

SFFILTECH reminds you that when choosing a high efficiency particulate air filter, you should start from your own needs and choose rationally. After the serious air pollution problem, the rapid development of the air purification industry has been promoted, but due to the lack of perfect industry standards, manufacturers vary in production levels, consumers should consider from a variety of aspects when choosing, do not just rely on price to make a judgment.