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Spray Booth Cardboard Andreae Filter Paper Paint Room Akordioni filtrid


Item name: Spray Booth Cardboard Andreae Filter Paper Paint Booth Accordion Filters

Function of paint booth accordion filters: New environmental protection product.spray booth cardboard Andreae filter paper makes the spray-paint rid of water, no pollution.

Principle of paint booth accordion filters : base on the inertial separation principle.

Force the load flow change the direction many times so that the particles which heavier than the air will be absorbed, and the air will keeping moving forward. When air get through the holes freely, the particles will be absorbed on the folded area till it is saturated.

Folded paperboard filter paper will increase with a rise in saturation, efficiency can reach 98%(when solid content in gas is high)

The design of paint booth accordion filters is good for the distribution of the speed.

Pikaajaline kui muu paberfilter, kuni kuus korda pikem

Particulars holding of filter paper can reach 18Kg/m2

Filter paper Non-flammability class can reach DIN53438F1/K1

Application of paint booth accordion filters: filter the particulars of the solid and liquid in the air, and reach the uniform flow effect.

Pleat air filter paper: Low resistance and high efficiency

Standard dimension of paint booth accordion filters: 6mm*1mm*10mm


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Tolmu hoidmise võime

Soovitatav õhukiirus

Soovitatav lõpprõhk

Algrõhu õhu kiirus

0.75 * 10m

Pruun / valge


Suur 98.0%

18-20kg / m2

0.25-1.00m / s



0.9 * 11m


1 * 10m



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Shanghai SFFILTECH Co., Ltd, established in 1996, is a leading manufacturer of HVAC filtration products, mainly filtration system and purification products, for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Years of experience, persistent efforts, and customer oriented idea endow us with first-class technology, advanced production equipment and satisfied clients. We are certificated to ISO9001-2000 quality management system, and ISO14001-2004 environment quality system.

Our product is widely used in paint spray booths, industrial coating equipment, Hi-tech electronics, precision instrument, bio-pharmaceuticals, food hygiene, ventilation and air conditioning system and other industries as well.

Our company covers 4000 square meters. The excellent R&D group and advanced equipments ensure the continuous innovation of products and the large-scale production. The sales amount has reached twenty million. Our aim is "Honesty, Quality First, and Customer Centered" to build first class brand and services. Constant pursuit of high-tech and high-quality is our goal. New product development and promotion is our responsibility.. Welcome new and old customers coming to negotiation services for the bright, fresh and natural environment.