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Millised on kõrge efektiivsusega filtri õhu väljalaskeava tüübid?

Aeg: 2022-07-15

High-efficiency filter air outlet wet air purification system in the end equipment, high efficiency filter air outlet also includes laminar flow hood fan filter unit, self-purifying device and other parts. High efficiency filter air outlet is an essential part of the filtration system and plays a vital role in modern life and production. The followingSFFILTECHtutvustab teile.

HEPA filter air outlet classification:

1,Kõrge efektiivsusega filter õhu väljalaskeava with diffuser plate

The opening of diffuser plate is generally 8mm, and the diffuser plate is convex in structure, which has good diffusion effect on clean airflow.

2,High efficiency filter air outlet with flat diffuser plate

The diffuser plate is on a plane, with oblique slit air outlet on the periphery and round hole group with aperture of about 3mm in the middle.

3,Insulation type high-efficiency filter air outlet

Isolatsiooni tüüp kõrge efektiivsusega filter õhu väljalaskeava is to paste the insulation material that meets the requirements on the inner wall of the static pressure box, and then cover the thin galvanized steel plate outside the insulation material to prevent the insulation material from falling off.

Steel plate, to prevent the insulation material from falling dust.

4,Top air inlet and side air inlet high efficiency filter air outlet

See sugulaned kõrge efektiivsusega filter air inlet is suitable for new buildings or high-rise buildings. After understanding the classification of high efficiency filter air outlet, let's see what are the characteristics ofhigh efficiency filter air outlettogether? First of all, the shell of high efficiency filter air outlet is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate with electrostatic spraying on the surface. Secondly, the airflow of high efficiency filter air outlet is evenly distributed, and the airflow diffusion mesh plate is installed inside. Moreover, the high efficiency filter air outlet can effectively ensure the jet speed of airflow to prevent the generation of vortex. In addition, it is easy to expand the high efficiency filter air outlet, and the number of air outlets can be arranged according to the cleanliness level or heat dissipation, with compact structure and reliable sealing performance.

It is because of many features of HEPA air outlet that it can guarantee the jet speed of clean airflow after filtration and prevent the generation of vortex, which is ideal for non-uniform flow clean room.

.HEPA filter õhu väljalaskeava is suitable for non-homogeneous flow clean rooms of various levels and roof structures, and its main use is the filtration of air at the end of the air supply system of the clean room air conditioning box. SFFILTECH high efficiency filter air outlet manufacturers are also constantly making technical innovations, training professional talents, seeking development with quality, and striving to provide customers with better services.