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Types and functions of primary air filters

Aeg: 2022-06-27

The primary filter is a very common filtration equipment, usually used as the primary filtration equipment of air conditioning system or purification system, which can filter the dust particles in the air with particle size above 5 microns. There are several types of primary filters in the market, such as non-woven, synthetic fiber and glass fiber. The following types of primary air filters and their functions are explained by Northern Filter.

1. Synthetic fiber primary filter

The filter material used in the synthetic fiber esmane filter is a new product and the main development direction of the future filter material. Compared with other materials of the same level, this filter material has the characteristics of small air resistance, light weight and large dust capacity, etc. It is also very environmentally friendly and can be disposed of by incineration after it can no longer be used. There are many synthetic fiber primary filters in the market, but the quality of the products of different tootjadis different, in which the filter material used is divided into large chemical fiber and small chemical fiber, large chemical fiber refers to polyester fiber produced with high-quality PET chips; and small chemical fiber refers to some small and medium-sized manufacturers with poor quality recycled PET chips produced from recycled materials.

2. Klaaskiud esmane filter

The filter material in the glass fiber esmane filteris made of various glass fibers of different thickness and length through a special process. The glass fiber primary filter has strong stability and can operate normally in high temperature environment, and can be applied to a variety of environments. In addition, glass fiber primary filter also has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, large dust capacity, long service life, etc. In some special occasions, glass fiber filter plays an irreplaceable role.

3. Non-woven esmane filter

The non-woven filter material in the non-wovenesmane filter is also very common in life, such as the environmental protection bags used in shopping, is also made of this material. The scientific name of non-woven fabric is polyester fiber, the production process of this filter material is more mature, the use of very, with good stability, is one of the typical filter material used in our air purification industry.