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Mae'r wybodaeth berthnasol am buro hidlydd effaith gychwynnol y ffatri fferyllol yn ffafriol i ddetholiad rhesymol

Amser: 2024 02-23-

Mae'r wybodaeth berthnasol am buro hidlydd effaith gychwynnol y ffatri fferyllol yn ffafriol i ddetholiad rhesymol

The purification features of the initial effect filter of the pharmaceutical factory are strong and removable: Using a solid plate aluminum alloy frame, with aluminum alloy Angle, the structure is strong and stable, to ensure that the filter will not be deformed or damaged in poor working environment, the outer frame is removable design, easy to replace the filter material to achieve the purpose of frame reuse, because the filter material can be cleaned and replaced, so the initial effect filter life will be relatively long. The specific advantages of the use of air filter manufacturers for you to explain in detail:

Ffatri fferyllol puro hidlydd cynradd

The purification life of the first effect filter depends on the amount of dust in the environment and the length of time these filters are used. Therefore, their service life will vary according to different uses. It is necessary to regularly check whether the appearance of the primary effect filter and the nameplate mark are clear and easy to read, and regularly replace the primary effect filter according to the replacement frequency or replacement time recommended by the manufacturer. In the process of using the primary filter, it also needs to be replaced, cleaned or maintained at any time according to the actual situation.

The purification of the initial effect filter is divided into several types, such as flat plate type, bag type, filter type, etc. The flat plate type is suitable for some places where the amount of dust is not large, and the bag type filter is usually used for higher cleanliness places, such as laboratories, operating rooms, etc., because of its exhaust gas after repeated filtration. The filter type is suitable for small scientific research laboratories.

Under normal circumstances, the performance indicators of the initial effect filter generally refer to its filtration efficiency and grade, and the past performance indicators generally refer to the size of its resistance. Now with the advent of flexible packaging, shock square, lattice type primary effect filter, resistance is no longer the main standard of performance indicators.

Ffatri fferyllol puro hidlydd cynradd

Mae hidlwyr aer yn cael eu cydnabod gan fwy a mwy o bobl, mae'n gwella ansawdd aer ac yn sicrhau iechyd pobl, ac fe'i defnyddiwyd yn helaeth, megis meddygaeth, bwyd a diwydiannau eraill yn anwahanadwy o bob math o hidlwyr effeithlonrwydd.

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