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Chì ci hè a diffarenza trà i filtri primariu, mediu è alta efficienza ?

Time: 2022-09-13

Primary filter: It is the primary filter of the air conditioning system, mainly used to filter dust particles above 5μm. The primary filter has three styles: plate type, folding type and bag type.

Medium-efficiency filter: It belongs to the F series filter in the air filter. F series medium efficiency air filter is divided into bag type and non-bag type, among which bag type includes F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, non-bag type includes FB (plate type medium efficiency filter), FS (partition type medium efficiency filter) efficient filter), FV (combined medium-efficiency filter).

High-efficiency filter: It is mainly used to capture particulate dust and various suspended solids below 0.5um, as the end filter of various filtration systems. The ultra-fine glass fiber paper is used as the filter material, and the plastic sheet, aluminum foil board and other materials are folded as the dividing plate, sealed with a new type of polyurethane sealant, and the outer frame is made of galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet and aluminum alloy profile.

The main difference is that the precision and speed of filtration are different, and the impurities filtered are slightly different.

The initial effect, also known as the coarse effect, is mainly to protect the middle effect of the next filter section, and the middle effect is to protect the high efficiency of the next filter section.

The main difference: different materials, different filtering levels.

If the junior high-efficiency effect is not installed before the high-efficiency section, the high-efficiency will be scrapped in a very short time, and the same is true for the medium-efficiency.

It's the same, it's called the primary filter. Air filter refers to an air filter device, which is generally used in clean workshops, clean workshops, laboratories and clean operating rooms. Air filters can be divided into primary filters (also called coarse filters), medium efficiency filters, high efficiency filters and sub-high efficiency filters according to their working principles.

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