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Chì sò i tipi di filtri in cabine di spruzzo di pittura?

Time: 2022-06-28

1. Make up air filter

Make-up air filters are located in the make-up air unit of the paint booth. These filters play an important role in protecting the paint booth from contaminants in the air system and other working parts that can damage the equipment.

By preventing large particles from entering the air system, make-up air filters ensure that the air pressure in the paint booth is at an optimal level.

High-quality make-up air filters with high fluffiness ratings ensure the longevity of the paint booth. They are available in a variety of styles, including pads, panels, reusable aluminum filters and bag filters.

When it's time to replace your make-up air filter, make sure the filter you choose provides adequate airflow. If you are experiencing airflow problems in your paint booth, your first concern should be the make-up air filter. Often, the solution is to replace the filter with a suitable one.

2. Intake air filters

In actual production, a single particle of dust invisible to the naked eye is enough to completely destroy the work that is about to be done. For paint booths, a clean environment is a central concern, as even the smallest amount of debris contamination can make production very expensive and require re-production - which is why paint booths use intake filters.

The intake filter is designed to remove all contaminants from the paint booth so that you get a clean, smooth surface every time.

For downdraft spray booths, intake filters also help to draw dust away from the object being painted, thus minimizing the risk of soiling, streaking and splattering.

3. Exhaust filters

The third type of filter is the exhaust filter. While it does not have much impact on the quality of the finished product, maintenance of this type of filter is equally important.

The job of the exhaust filter is to ensure that the air leaving the paint booth is clean and free of any hazardous chemicals and vapors. Working for long periods of time around a paint booth with a poorly maintained exhaust filter can endanger one's health.

In addition, exhaust filters that have been put in place can protect the equipment's fans from overspray buildup.

To do this successfully, it is necessary to choose a filter that is durable enough to be exposed to paint for extended periods of time without having to be replaced.

If you are looking for a new filter for your paint booth, be sure to consult with the relevant specialist filter manufacturer.

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