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Chì sò i tipi di sacchetti di filtri di l'equipaggiu di trattamentu di l'acqua?

Time: 2023-05-29

Chì sò i tipi di sacchetti di filtri di l'equipaggiu di trattamentu di l'acqua?

Nylon monofilament mesh bag

Nylon monofilament mesh bag made of high quality nylon monofilament mesh sewing, welding and fusion treatment between each thread to increase its strength,

So that the thread will not deviate under pressure. The seam of the filter bag is treated with tensile strength and the steel ring at the mouth of the bag is treated with strengthened sealing. By using the principle of surface filtration, the nylon monofilament filter bag can isolate the particles larger than its own mesh in the filtrate and use it with the appropriate filtration device, which can effectively obtain the ideal filtration effect.

Steel ring needled felt thread sewn filter bag

Steel ring needled felt thread sewing filter bag adopts the highest standard filter body filter material of famous factory, filtrate filter surface is specially burned

Treatment, not only effectively prevent the fiber from polluting filtrate, but also avoid the traditional roller treatment caused by excessive plug filter hole and shorten the life of the filter bag. All raw materials are white, without any special bleaching treatment, in full compliance with environmental protection standards. Moreover, due to the three-dimensional filtration layer of needled felt, when liquid flows through the needled felt, particles will remain on the inner surface and deep layer of liquid filtration bag due to the deep filtration mechanism, which has a high trapping efficiency for solid or colloidal particles. The uniform thickness, stable opening rate and full strength of the needled felt make the efficiency of the filter bag stable and the operation time longer.

Plastic ring all hot melt welded filter bag

In addition to the above characteristics, the bottom, side and collar of the filter bag are welded by the hot solution method. Traditional sewing filter bag due to the pinhole, uneven material caused by the side leakage problems, fiber shedding problems are solved by this kind of full hot melt welding filter bag, suitable for higher requirements of the industry.

Oil suction filter bag

The multi-layer structure of the oil absorbing filter bag is composed of filter felt cloth, oil absorbing layer and protective mesh layer. It is specially designed for some industries, such as automobile manufacturing, component manufacturing, chemical process, wastewater treatment and metal casting industry. It can remove oil and filter particles of different sizes as required.

The selection of the correct filtration system should first understand the maximum flow rate, viscosity, impurity content of the filtered medium, as well as operating pressure, temperature, impurity particle size distribution, chemical properties of the medium, pipe type and size, and then select the corresponding filter and filter bag. Refer to the following table, select the matching filter bag and then select the filter (according to the bag filter product catalog).

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