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Chì sò i cumpunenti impurtanti di u filtru per ottene filtrazione?

Time: 2022-06-22

As we all know, filter is one of the indispensable devices usually installed at the inlet end of fixed water level valves, pressure reducing valves, pressure relief valves and other equipment, which is used to transport media in the pipeline, and is used to control impurities in the media to protect the normal use of valves and equipment. The specific mechanism is that when the fluid enters thefilter cartridge with a certain specification, the clean filtrateis discharged from the filter outlet and the impurities are blocked outside, when the filter needs to be cleaned, it is extremely convenient to use and maintain, as long as the removable cartridge is removed and re-installed after processing. Therefore, the filter is not only the image ambassador of indoor cleaning in the 21st century, but also need not worry too much about it when it is normally used.

The filter has the characteristics of high efficiency and precise filtration. The performance is precise and sensitive, and the special structure of thefilter disc filtration technology ensures that only particles with a particle size smaller than that required can enter the system, and the system flow can be flexibly adjusted according to needs, and users can choosefilter discs with different precision according to water requirements.

As the system is based on the standard, the discfilter unit can save space, and the standard is modularized and designed according to the modularization, which can be flexible and variable.

Users can choose and choose according to their needs with high interchangeability. The system is compact, occupies a very small area, and can be flexibly installed using the corner space.

After the installation of the filter equipment, it is worth adding that the filteringtime and cleaning conversion time can be set, or can also be debugged by technical personnel. Generally speaking, when the water to be treated enters the body from the water inlet, the filter starts to work normally, however, when the preset cleaning time is reached, the electric controller gives a signal to the hydraulic control valve and the driving motor, which triggers the motor to drive the brush to rotate up and realize the automatic cleaning of the cartridge, which sounds a bit like a self-cleaning filter. The whole cleaning process only lasts for tens of seconds, while the control valve is opened for discharging, and when the cleaning is finished, the control valve is closed and the motor stops rotating, so that thefilterstarts the next round of work process.

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