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Chì sò e caratteristiche di u filtru primariu di u pannellu di cartone?

Time: 2022-08-04

The outer frame ofcardboard panelprimary filter is made of moisture-proof and water-resistant wood fiber cardboard, which is light in quality, easy to install, clean and beautiful in appearance, with low initial resistance and large dust capacity. The paper frame folding primary filter is widely used, most commonly used in program-controlled switchboard and computer room special constant temperature and humidity air conditioning and for central fresh air unit and ventilation system. It is used for pre-filtration of air compressor, clean room return air filtration, pre-filtration of high efficiency filtration device, etc.

SFFILTECHcardboard panelprimary filter product features.

1. Standard type plate type multi-fold pre-filter.

2. The frame material is mostly made of moisture-resistant industrial cardboard or aluminum frame, and the cardboard outer frame can reduce the cost of the filter. It will not be deformed, broken or twisted in the normal operating environment.

3. The filter media is 100% synthetic fiber, and the average efficiency (colorimetric method) is 30% to 35%; the weighting method is 90%-93%. The wire mesh fixed filter media has a linear pleated structure with high dust holding capacity.

4. The filter media is made of high quality activated felt or activated carbon fiber folded, thus increasing the filter area and reducing the screen resistance. It has good odor removal effect, easy to use and long life of filter media.

Cardboard panelprimary filter product use:

1. Suitable for various industrial uses, such as pollution prevention, industrial mining, processing pollution, public construction, air conditioning industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, painting production line, spraying machinery, paint room, a commercial building, department stores, office buildings, hotels, etc. air filtration;

2. Suitable for air conditioning coarse dust filtration, pre-filtration of middle-grade air filtration system; HEPA filter before filtration;

3. Suitable for - general outside air intake. And the first filter. Disposable, not reusable;

4. Especially suitable for pre-filtration system of paint spraying system, paint shop pre-filtration air compressor and gas turbine.

Customized: according to any needs, we can customize the product for you.

SFFILTECH cardboard panelprimary filter dust removal principle.

The filter material is folded into a high-strength cardboard, which increases the windward area, and the dust particles in the inflowing air are effectively blocked by the filter material between the fold and the fold. Clean air flows out evenly from the other side. Therefore, the airflow through the filter is smooth and uniform. Depending on the filter media. The particle size varies from 0.5um to 5um. The filtration efficiency also varies.

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