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Chì sò e caratteristiche di u filtru Hepa 400℃ resistente à alta temperatura?

Time: 2022-08-11

400℃ high temperature resistant high efficiency filter operating conditions:

Filter media: ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper.

Sealant: red silica gel (260℃) ceramic adhesive (400℃).

Frame material: below 260℃ can choose aluminum profile frame/aluminum plate frame/galvanized plate frame/stainless steel frame. Above 260℃ must choose galvanized plate frame/stainless steel frame.

Separator: 0.035mm thick aluminum foil.

Sealing tape: silicone tape (260℃) PTFE tape (400℃).

Filtration efficiency: 99.97%~99.995%@0.3um.

Use the highest temperature: 260℃/400℃.

Use the highest humidity: 80%.

Aluminum profile optional thickness: 120~220mm.

Product features of 400℃high temperature resistanthepa filter.

1. 400℃ high temperature resistant high efficiency filter uses spacer design, corrugated spacer can accurately maintain the pleat layer spacing to maximize the use of filter media with minimum resistance.

2. The filter material is folded 180° on both sides to form a wedge-shaped pleat layer, and there are two indentations when the filter material is bent, so that it opens into a wedge-shaped box pleat layer at the end of the partition.

3. It is usually used in high temperature clean ovens, high temperature sterilization equipment and high grade purification equipment.

400℃high temperature resistanthepa filters are used in the following places.

1. High cleanliness occasions such as aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, wafer, biopharmaceutical, hospital, food processing, etc.

2.Terminal of air conditioning and ventilation system.

SFFILTECH is tailor-made: according to any demand, we can make tailor-made products for you.

The main difference lies in the moisture resistance of the filter media. The filter media used in 400℃ high efficiency filter must be moisture resistant, and the partition plate is generally required to be aluminum partition plate to ensure normal use under 100% humidity.

The 400℃ high temperature resistanthepa filter is made of special moisture resistant glass fiber filter media, special glue board paper or aluminum foil partition, galvanized sheet or aluminum alloy frame. The product has a partition structure. High efficiency filter with high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large dust capacity and good performance of high humidity resistance, etc. It is suitable for air purification under normal temperature and pressure in normal humidity environment, especially for air purification in high humidity environment such as infusion production in pharmaceutical industry.

400℃ high efficiency filter is suitable for filtering particle size <=0.3~0.5um in clean room and purification room, room temperature, normal humidity, air filter with trace acid, alkali and organic solvent allowed, 400℃ high efficiency filter is widely used in various fields such as aviation, aerospace, electronics, pharmaceutical, biological engineering, etc.

400℃ high efficiency filter media.

SFFILTECH HV series filter media is made of high-density paper with ultra-fine glass fiber, and the pleated design expands the filter area, which is quite important for high efficiency filters.High temperature, closed-cell EVA gasket can be used to dry airtight seal to prevent side leakage of the filter, the standard 18mm wide 6mm thick. Also can use silicon gasket, no spacer efficient can use polyurethane foam overall formation, foam machine go XY axis, automatic operation, sealing effect is quite good.

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