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Chì sò i benefici di i filtri HEPA per a prutezzione ecologica?

Time: 2022-07-19

The effectiveness of HEPA filters is becoming more and more obvious as they are used in the tail end exhaust of clean and clean rooms.

Along with the technical progress of air filters and the increasing development of environmental protection regulations, the use ofhigh efficiency filters is becoming more and more widespread. At this stage, it is possible to use production lines equipped with high efficiency filters to solve floating dust, abrasive fumes, air dust, germs, harmful gases, etc., that is, to filter gases with ultra-fine dust.SFFILTECH will introduce it to you below.

As the vital issue of high efficiency filter - high efficiency filter material, nowadays, there is also an upgrade, the application life is generally above one year, and the practical activities on the existing can reach 2-3 years of work performance. High efficiency filter cleaning. Ash removal: the choice of high frequency vibration, into the dust bag surface of a very large dust particles as far as possible to purge the flow of poison, and will not cause harm to the chemical fiber color fastness, dust bag has excellent resistance to detachment. In the flue gas desulfurization system, it has the effect of further reducing the impurities contained in the soot.

High efficiency filter over the basic principle: work when the soot gas from the lower side of the filter into the high efficiency filter, because of the cyclone cross-sectional area suddenly expanded, the water flow is reduced, part of the cyclone in the large particles, density of soot and fine particles, under the force of the fall into the chamber; particle size distribution fine, the relative density of small fine particles floating in the gas, through the cyclone drift, into the filter chamber, in the dust removal After inertial impact on the surface of the high-efficiency filter, impurities are deposited on the surface of the high-efficiency filter, and the purified gas is discharged by the main fan.

The basic principle of high efficiency filterash removal: along with the soot continuously adhering to the surface of high efficiency air filter, the soot layer becomes thicker and the friction resistance of high efficiency filter expands. A high velocity and high pressure cyclone is released to the nozzle, forming an induced cyclone, and the soot outside the high efficiency filter falls into the bin.

SFFILTECH has found that as people's awareness of the protection of the natural environment is increasing, the effectiveness of high efficiency filters is becoming more and more significant, and it is believed that in the near future, the technology of high efficiency filters will develop even stronger.

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