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The under-appreciated secret of medium-efficiency bag filter

Time: 2022-09-05

The under-appreciated secret of medium-efficiency bag filter

The medium-efficiency bag filter is mainly used for the intermediate-level filtration in the overall air-conditioning circulation system, and performs coarse filtration for the next-level filter. In certain occasions with low requirements, it can also be used as the final filtration link. For example, the filter material used in the bag filter produced by Shanghai Sanfan is imported glass fiber, which can be well qualified for the final filtration link. And it can be easily made into a filter with 3-8 filter bags according to the requirements to meet various cleanliness requirements of the next-level filtration.

The structure of the bag filter makes it have a relatively large effective filtering area and small resistance, but it can ensure the dust holding capacity and ventilation capacity. In addition, due to the use of a frame structure, as long as the filter bag is replaced, it can be used repeatedly, the actual operation is more convenient, and the subsequent use cost is low, which is widely favored. In terms of structure, it is one of the best filters out there.

There are many reference materials about the normal use of filters, so today we will briefly talk about the precautions for bag filter replacement. In the process of using the medium-efficiency bag filter, one thing that needs special attention is filter replacement. Generally speaking, there are the following situations that need to be replaced.

First of all, under the conditions of use of the rated power specified in the factory manual, the filter bag needs to be replaced after at most 4 months, otherwise the effect of the filter will be greatly reduced. In addition, when the resistance of the filter itself reaches 450Pa and above, it is necessary to consider systematically cleaning the filter bag or even replacing it directly. At this time, the advantages of the bag filter are highlighted. The filter bag can be easily removed for replacement. The new filter bag can also be rinsed and reverse cleaned with diluted neutral detergent, and can be used continuously after replacement. Of course, after cleaning 1-2 times, you need to replace the new filter bag. It should also be noted that if the use environment is indeed dusty, it is recommended to appropriately reduce the use cycle and increase the frequency of replacement or cleaning.

In addition, in order to maximize the service life of the filter, it is also very important to regularly check whether the air inlet of the filter is blocked. After all, the filter is mainly used to filter gas. overload damage. Therefore, once there is a foreign body blockage, it should be removed immediately. In addition, many friends will encounter the situation that the newly purchased medium-efficiency filter is not effective or even has abnormal noise. This is also likely to be a problem in the installation process. When checking, you may wish to look at the closure and sealing of each component. How is sex.

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