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Insegni à identificà u bonu è u male di i sacchetti di filtru di liquidu

Time: 2022-09-20

Insegni à identificà u bonu è u male di i sacchetti di filtru di liquidu

Question 1: The diameter of the microporous filter material of the filter bag cannot be accurately measured. How to determine the precision?

Answer: The raw material of the surface filter screen can accurately measure the diameter value obtained at the same time, that is, the precision of the filter system. The microporous filtration material of the filter bag cannot determine the exact value, so the traditional calibration method is to calibrate a raw material with corresponding net weight, thickness and permeability to the rated value precision. Each raw material distributor has different specifications, but each raw material should have rigorous industrial production characteristics and complete data testing. Therefore, when the liquid filter bag brought by your liquid filter bag dealer is calibrated to 5um, the accuracy is only relative filtration accuracy, and does not mean that the accuracy of the liquid filter bag is 5um in diameter.

Question 2: The standard precision is the same, but why are the results of the filtering different?

A: Actually, strictly speaking, the standard precision is just the name precision of the raw material. Unlike precision in the real practical sense, it only serves as a reference for grading. When choosing a liquid filter bag, you should understand the filtration efficiency under standard precision, which is also extremely important and is ignored by most customers. Therefore, the filtration efficiency of the raw materials with the same name of 1um is likely to be quite different. Naturally, the actual application effect is also quite different.

Question 3: My liquid filter bag has a short cycle, why is the precision different?

A: You should understand that the service life of the filtration system is closely related to the air permeability of the material. If the air permeability of the raw material is low, the initial pressure difference of the liquid filter bag application is small, and the working pressure is relatively slow. Of course, the service life of the liquid filter bag is longer, and vice versa. In addition, the process manipulation of the surface treatment will also directly affect the service life of the liquid filter bag. Liquid felt is a harsh surface calendering process. If the perfect surface smoothness is pursued too much, the melted chemical fiber will block the safe passage of filtration, which will of course reduce the availability of the solution, increase the loss of the filtration system, and finally reduce the service life of the filter bag. Therefore, the smooth appearance of the textile does not necessarily mean that the application effect of the textile will be very good.

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