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Filtru à saccu à effettu mediu Filtru à effettu mediu

Time: 2023-09-14

Filtru à saccu à effettu mediu Filtru à effettu mediu

As a common filter, medium effect bag filter is mainly used in the field of central air conditioning ventilation system and industrial purification. It uses a bag filter element made of organic fiber, which not only has high filtration efficiency, but also can effectively filter small particles to ensure the air cleanliness used by supporting equipment.

Medium effect bag filters are suitable for the following industries:

Industria automobile

Hotels and office buildings

Central air conditioning and central ventilation system

Stanza pulita

Pharmaceutical, hospital, electronics, food and other industrial purification industry

In addition, the medium effect bag filter can also be used as the front end of the high efficiency air filter filter, before the high efficiency filter can effectively reduce the load of the high efficiency filter and extend its service life.

Medium effect bag filter

Another advantage of the bag filter is that it can help enterprises reduce costs, on the one hand, can improve energy-saving economic benefits, on the other hand, can also extend the service life of supporting equipment, reduce maintenance costs. In addition, its filter cartridge replacement is also relatively simple, whether it is daily replacement or regular replacement is very convenient.

The medium effect bag filter adopts the bag filter medium, which has high filtration efficiency and is easy to replace, which can help enterprises achieve the goal of energy saving, consumption reduction and maintenance cost reduction. At the same time, its compact structure, long service life, not easy to clog and air leakage, sustainable for enterprises and users to bring stable filtration effect. Shanghai SFFILTECH is a manufacturer engaged in the production of early effect, medium effect and high efficiency filters, and medium effect bag filter is one of its main products. The mid-effect bag filter supports non-calibration and can provide customized services according to customer needs. In terms of installation, we have a professional technical team to provide installation and disassembly services to help customers quickly achieve filter replacement and maintenance.

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