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Ci hè una differenza trà HEPA senza separatore è HEPA cù separatore?

Time: 2022-11-02

Now there are various filters on the market, different filters have different materials, principles, performance and use. Today we introduce two kinds of filters -- HEPA without separator and HEPA with separator. Their name is only a word apart, there are similar working principles, but their filter separator material, its own characteristics and uses are very different.

First, the working principle of HEPA filter without separator and HEPA filter with separator

The working principle of HEPA filter without separator and HEPA filter with separator is the same. There are five working principles, which are introduced as follows:

1, inertial diffusion and interception principle: there are millions of dust particles in the air, they sometimes carry out inertial movement with the airflow, sometimes there is no regular movement, when the dust particles in a variety of motion and movement into other objects will stick to it. Dust particles in the filter have a greater chance of colliding, condensing into larger dust, which sinks due to its weight, and the action of crystalline air can be expected.

2, electrostatic effect: the static electricity in the filter can make the dust change the movement track and hit the obstacle, and the static electricity can make the dust stick on the medium more firmly. This electrostatic effect can significantly improve the filtration effect.

3, chemical filtration: whether there is no separator high efficiency filter or separator high efficiency filter, there are activated carbon materials, the material adsorption area is large, adsorption force is strong.

Two, the difference between the HEPA without separator and the HEPA with separator

1. The material of the filter element separator is different: the material of the filter element separator of the HEP without separator is hot melt glue, and the separator is aluminum foil or paper;

2, the application environment is different: the workshop with high clean requirements will choose the small weight light, easy installation, stable efficiency without separator HEPA filter, and will not choose the influence of cold and hot dry and wet with separator HEPA filter

3, the service life is different: the channel with the baffle filter is rectangular, and the channel without the baffle filter is V-shaped, the dust uniformity of the V-shaped channel is better than that of the rectangle, so the service life is longer.

4, the degree of environmental protection is different: the material of the HEPA filter without separator can avoid the use of metal devices, so when the filter is discarded, it is easy to deal with and conducive to environmental protection.

5, high temperature resistance performance is different: the high temperature resistance of high efficiency filter with separator is better than that without separator.

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