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Filtru pieghevule à effettu iniziale Filtru primariu di rendiment stabile cun un costu efficace

Time: 2023-08-04

Filtru pieghevule à effettu iniziale Filtru primariu di rendiment stabile cun un costu efficace

The initial effect folding filter is economical, cost-effective, almost all office or factory purification systems are inseparable from the initial effect filter, so it is welcomed by the public, followed by the initial effect filter has a significant feature is the large dust capacity, high filtration efficiency, long running time, can adhere to long-term operation to ensure that the filtration performance is stable and unchanged. The specific use of advantages for you to explain in detail:

First effect folding filter

Initial effect folding filter for the installation environment is not too high requirements, the product itself occupies a small area, can adapt to a variety of installation environment, greatly saving the use of space. The initial effect filter is easy to operate, and under normal circumstances, you can fully master its use after one or two operations. Using welded treatment, very strong, taking into account the use of daily management, but also added anti-rust process, people do not have to worry about corrosion, so even if the filter has a pleated structure, it can be very fixed, not loose.

First effect folding filter:

1. The outer frame is made of cardboard frame or aluminum profile, and the non-woven chemical fiber cloth is folded and formed to greatly increase the filtration area;

2. Some are supported by metal mesh, the structure is solid and stable, and the spacing is balanced;

3. The high fold of the filter makes the filter reach a large dust capacity in the resistance hour;

4. Good versatility, long service life, low economic operating cost;

5. It is generally used for the primary filtration of ventilation systems, and is also suitable for air conditioning ventilation systems that only need primary filtration;

6. Use the purification and filtration of industrial and commercial general indoor ventilation systems on occasions, and the initial filtration of household air conditioning purification equipment.

First effect folding filter

I filtri di l'aria sò ricunnisciuti da più è più persone, migliurà a qualità di l'aria è assicura a salute di e persone, è hè statu largamente utilizatu, cum'è a medicina, l'alimentariu è l'altri industrii sò inseparabili da ogni tipu di filtri di efficienza.

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