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Cumu aduprà u filtru di l'aria primaria?

Time: 2023-05-11

Cumu aduprà u filtru di l'aria primaria?

[primary effect filter manufacturer] Primary effect filter of various parameters of the primary effect filter is mainly used to capture 0.5um-20um particulate dust and a variety of suspended matter, using ultrafine glass fiber paper as filter material, offset paper, aluminum film and other materials for segmentation board, and wood frame aluminum alloy glued.

Each machine has been tested by the sodium flame method, with high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large dust capacity and other characteristics, used in various local purification equipment and clean workshop in the normal temperature, humidity, pressure conditions of the environmental air purification, unique filter parts quick change installation frame design, air filter is convenient to use and maintenance.

Air filter

In line with environmental protection, filter element does not contain dye and halogen, can be used for food grade filtration. hv combined high efficiency filter is typically used in power plants, food factories, beverage factories and other industries of high pressure fan inlet filtration, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, metallurgy, electronics and other fields of air purification system.

[primary effect filter manufacturer] primary effect filter workflow mainly includes the following points:

1, the initial effect filter is generally long service life, low price, easy installation, simple maintenance and so on

2, the primary effect air filter series filter screen contains 100% artificial fiber filter material, the filter material will metal mesh adhesion in the outlet end to prevent vibration, so that the scenery is consistent, the outer frame is made of a strong, moisture-proof aluminum alloy frame, strong and durable.

3, folding shape, in addition to the box before and after the diagonal fixed filter material, filter material and outer frame close adhesion to prevent any air leakage, the filter area is 25 times of the general plane

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