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The benefits of material diversity in the g4 primary filter are well recognized

Time: 2023-06-07

The benefits of material diversity in the g4 primary filter are well recognized

For different enterprises, the use of g4 primary filter material demand is also different, so before selecting the filter, to clarify what their own needs are, if the air cleanliness requirements are not very high, you can directly use the plate primary effect air filter for filtration, if the requirements of medium purification, you can use the primary effect filter with some high efficiency filters. As the first stage of the primary effect filter, what are the functions and characteristics? For you to explain in detail

g4 Primarni filterski materijal

g4 primary effect filter material is complete mainly for ≥5.0μm particles filtration, efficiency between 40% and 60%, often used in the primary filtration of air conditioning and ventilation systems, as well as central air conditioning and central ventilation system pre-filtration and large air compressor pre-filtration, filtration grades are mainly divided into G1, G2, G3, G4 four kinds, The plate primary effect air filter is mainly composed of protective mesh, filter material and outer frame, and the production materials of each part are also different.

g4 primary effect filter material frame materials are generally paper frame, aluminum alloy frame and galvanized iron frame, the outer frame is used to fix the filter material, filter materials are non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter material, metal hole mesh, etc., plate primary effect air filter is equipped with protective mesh, can effectively protect the filter material is not easy to damage, to prevent the filter material due to wind resistance pressure caused by damage. And because many of its size designs are unified, it also has a good universal type.

Initial effect plate air filter use precautions:

Regularly check whether the filter plastic mesh is damaged, whether the air inlet surface is blocked by debris, and whether the filter material surface is damaged; If the surface is blocked, it should be removed; If the surface of the filter material is seriously damaged, it is necessary to replace the new filter material or replace the new filter and reinstall it; When installing the filter, ensure that the seal is good at the pressing edge of the frame body to prevent air leakage, do not use heavy objects to impact the surface of the filter, do not force to pull the filter material surface of the filter. Manufacturers produce a variety of non-standard specifications and filter requirements of the first effect filter.

g4 Primarni filterski materijal

Filtere za zrak prepoznaje sve više ljudi, poboljšava kvalitet zraka i osigurava zdravlje ljudi, a ima široku primjenu, kao što su medicinska, prehrambena i druge industrije neodvojive od svih vrsta efikasnih filtera.

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