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No partition high efficiency filter parameters before buying these to know!

Time: 2023-06-05

No partition high efficiency filter parameters before buying these to know!

Many friends know that the high efficiency hepa filter can be called the heart of the air purifier, its material directly affects the performance and service life of the air purifier, as the heart of the air purifier many of the parameters of the high efficiency filter without partitions have become consumers are willing to understand, specific one for you:

Parameters of high efficiency filter without partition

Parameters of high efficiency filter without partition board: there are many kinds of materials, and there are at most two kinds of daily use, which can be divided into PP(polypropylene) filter paper and glass fiber filter paper, which can not be washed. In the air purifier is the most common grade H, this specification of HEPA belong to high efficiency or sub-high efficiency filter. The H13-14 filter is recognized as the best in class H, among which the H13 HEPA filter can achieve a total efficiency of 99.95%. The total efficiency of the HEPA filter at grade H14 can reach 99.995%.

Of course, the highest purification grade of high efficiency hepa filter in European standards is Grade U, and the total purification efficiency of the best grade U17 HEPA filter can even reach 99.999997%. However, because the production cost of U-grade HEPA filter is high, and the production environment requirements are very harsh. So there's not a lot that can be used on the market.

In order to use high efficiency air filter for a long time, you must maintain the hepa filter, such as no specific note can not be washed, but in the current domestic more serious indoor air pollution, the longest life of the hepa filter is generally only 3 months or even shorter, which means that hepa filter need to be replaced often. Although the replacement cost of hepai filter is high and the service life of Hepai filter can be extended to a certain extent by vacuum cleaning, if the surface of hepa filter is generally white, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible in order to ensure the air filtering effect and health.

Parameters of high efficiency filter without partition

Filter zraka prepoznaje sve više ljudi, poboljšava kvalitetu zraka i osigurava zdravlje ljudi, a široko se koristi, kao što su medicina, prehrambena i druge industrije neodvojive od svih vrsta filtera efikasnosti

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