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Check the cleaning and maintenance methods and steps of the air-conditioning box filter

Time: 2021-07-14

There are a lot of filtering equipment in our lives, so today we will introduce a new type of filtering equipment, that is, our air-conditioning filter. Hope that through our introduction, everyone can learn a lot of knowledge about air-conditioning box filters, the most important Is the correct maintenance, can extend the use of equipment

Life, play its greater value.

How to clean the air-conditioning box filter: If the air-conditioning box filter is very dirty, clean it from bottom to top with compressed air. Before cleaning the air-conditioning box filter, it is best to brush off the dust on the surface, or you can clean it in one step. Generally speaking, there will be more industries on the area of the air conditioning box filter, sometimes with

For particles, it is recommended to use a brush. Keep the air gun and filter at 5 centimeters (centimeters) and blow with 50kPa (kilopascals) for about 2 minutes. When cleaning the air conditioner filter, pay attention to the filter inside. It is best to clean with detergent to avoid residual dirt. After cleaning, the filter should be dried in the sun and blown dry. Do not put it directly into the filtering equipment of the air conditioning box to avoid unnecessary losses to the equipment

The air-conditioning box filter can be said to be the most important air-conditioning component. It mainly cleans up the dust, pollen, seedlings and other problems in the air, and mainly causes pollution to the inside of the air-conditioning system. In the maintenance process of the air-conditioning refrigeration system, we must thoroughly clean the air-conditioning filter, you can use the air duct

clean. If the air-conditioning box filter cannot be effectively cleaned, the owner can replace the air-conditioning box filter. Maintenance of the air-conditioning box filter:

1. Check and replace the air-conditioning box filter according to the maintenance plan. In dusty or heavy traffic areas, it may need to be replaced in advance

2. If the air flow of the vent is significantly weakened, the filter may be blocked. Check the filter and replace it if necessary

3. In order to prevent damage to the system, a filter is installed.

4. When using the air conditioning system, if there is no air conditioning box filter, the system may be damaged.

5. Do not clean the filter with water.

6. When cleaning or replacing the air-conditioning filter, the air-conditioning system must be turned off first.

The air-conditioning box filter filters the air entering the cabin from the outside to improve the cleanliness of the air. The general filter material refers to the particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas, dust and other impurities contained in the air entering the air conditioning system, destroying the air conditioning system, protecting the health of the people in the car, and preventing glass atomization

The relevant knowledge provided above for everyone can be used for reference

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