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Može li se filter klima uređaja koji se koristi svakodnevno čistiti?

Time: 2021-07-26

In the air-conditioning equipment we use every day, there is a filtering device installed. The filtering equipment used in common air-conditioning is basically an air-conditioning filter, and many people think that the air-conditioning can be normal for decades. In fact, the filter in the air conditioner needs to be replaced or cleaned. So, can we clean the air conditioner filter we use every day? What method can be used to clean it when cleaning it?

Whether the air conditioner filter can be cleaned is related to the filter material. The material of the filter is not the same, some cannot be cleaned and can only be replaced on a regular basis, and this type of filter has a longer service life. Basically, it can be replaced every two to three years or even three to five years. Can. And there is a filter material that can be cleaned. Generally speaking, a special filter cleaning detergent or clean water can be used to achieve the cleaning effect. This depends on the air conditioning filter equipped in our air conditioning equipment. Which type is it? When buying air-conditioning equipment, ask about the filter material used. Therefore, when we buy air-conditioning equipment, we must ask clearly what kind of material the air-conditioning filter is equipped with. After we have used it for a period of time, should we clean it or replace it. Most regular air conditioning equipment manuals will mark the type of filter used. We can purchase or replace the filter according to this model. However, for household air conditioners, most of the filters on the market will be able to be cleaned. Material, after all, it is more troublesome for consumers to buy filters frequently, and few families can pay attention to this matter.

The filter equipment must be kept clean regardless of replacement or cleaning. However, whether it is to replace or clean the air conditioner filter equipment, we should actively pay attention to whether the filter equipment is kept clean. It is best to be able to stand the air conditioner for a period of time and use it for the second time. Whether there is a lot of dust accumulated on the Internet, if it is not cleaned, then the air will be brought with a lot of bacteria. This is a very bad thing for children and the elderly. Therefore, the cleaning of the filter is ours. One aspect that should be paid serious attention to. If you feel that you can't clean it, then buying a new filter will be a good choice.

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