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f8 pocket type medium effect air filter is commonly used in several sizes?

Time: 2023-08-01

f8 pocket type medium efficiency air filter conventional size is complete, can be used for air conditioning system intermediate filtration, to protect the next level of the system filter and the system itself, in the air purification and cleanliness requirements are not strict places, the air treated by the medium efficiency filter can be directly sent to the user, aluminum frame bag filter using high quality synthetic fiber or imported glass fiber as filter material, Aluminum alloy profile frame, internal spray cold-drawn wire support frame, one by one for your detailed explanation:

f8 bag type medium effect air filter

f8 pocket type medium efficiency air filter  has large effective filtration area, large dust capacity, small resistance and large ventilation; The frame and support frame can be reused, only the filter bag needs to be replaced when the filter is replaced, and it is convenient and fast, greatly reducing the operating cost. It is widely used in the filtration system of electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, food and other industries, and is the best medium-effect filter in structure. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Bag air Filter Factory)

Efficiency: F5 (45%), F6 (65%), F7 (85%), F8 (95%), F9 (98%) frame thickness series: 21mm, 25mm, etc. (F5, 45%, white, pre-filter for medium efficiency filtration) (F6, 65%, orange, for commercial buildings, theaters, stations, airports) (F7, 85%, green, for spray studios, schools, computer rooms) (F8, 95%, pink, for industrial, pharmaceutical, food, hospital) (F9, 98%, yellow, Used in precision electronics industry, defense factories, aseptic rooms). (Shanghai SFFILTECH Pocket air Filter Factory)

f8 bag medium effect air filter Conventional size: 592mm*592mm*381mm-6p, 592mm*490mm*381mm-6p, 490mm*592mm*381mm-5p, 592mm*290mm*381mm-6p, 290mm*592mm*381mm-3p, can be customized according to different specifications. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Pocket air Filter Factory)

f8 pocket medium effect air filter

Air filters are recognized by more and more people, it improves air quality and ensures people’s health, and has been widely used, such as medicine, food and other industries are inseparable from all kinds of efficiency filters. (Shanghai SFFILTECH Bag air Filter Factory)

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