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Will the quality of the filter cloth affect the filtering effect of the filter bag?

Time: 2023-04-21

Filter cloth mainly includes: polyester filter cloth, polypropylene filter cloth, nylon filter cloth, Vinylon filter cloth. Filter cloth material function: acid resistance, alkali resistance. Good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, recovery, conductive function is very poor. Polyester fiber temperature resistance is generally 130– 150℃, the product has the advantages of ordinary felt filter, and wear resistance is very good, has a high cost performance and become felt filter material in the use of a larger variety.

The method of bag dust collector is the primary condition of selecting the type of dust bag. It can first determine whether the filter bag is woven, needle felt, compressed felt or filter bag. As for the specific specifications of the filter bag, other filtration conditions can be further considered. (Shanghai pp pe liquid filter bag manufacturer)

1. Oscillation cleaning

The property of this cleaning method is that the kinetic energy used for dust removal layer is smaller than that of pulse blowing back blowing, which is a low energy consumption cleaning method. The oscillating wave propagation effect of soft woven fabric is better.

2, anti-blowing (anti-suction shortening bag) dust

This dust removal method generally uses fabric liquid filter bags, but it can also use light cloth weight (300~400g/m2), soft felt material with small scale change. Among them, glass fiber filter bags are used more, most of which are used in large bag type dust collector. The hoisting and sewing of filter bag have certain requirements, if not paid attention to, the service life of filter bag will be greatly affected. (Shanghai pp pe liquid filter bag manufacturer)

3. Pulse jet cleaning

This method of cleaning is applied to other dust layers of the cleaning system kinetic energy yes, is a typical teaching method of external dust filtration. The fine ash force is very strong, and the residual amount of dust inside the yarn structure of the filter bag is relatively small by attaching a lot of dust. The filter bag used is generally felt or needled felt. Under the effect of pulse injection, thefilter baginstantaneously deforms and has a great influence. The different stresses vary greatly, so the filter material with strong tensile strength must be used. There is often friction between the filter bag and the skeleton, so it is necessary to use wear-resistant filter bags, and can also select and use a variety of fabrics to design liquid filter bags. (Shanghaipp pe liquid filter bagmanufacturer)

4, air ring blowing ash

Because the cleaning function is quite good, the liquid filter bag is required to have good rigidity, fine pores and good wear resistance. In this way, when the air injection ring moves up and down reciprocating, the filter bag is unchanged and will not fuzz. So limit the use of felt or needled felt. And requires thick, high density felt. Cloth weight should generally be 600 ~ 800g/m2 appropriate. (Shanghai pp pe liquid filter bag manufacturer)

5, pulsating back blowing ash

The method for the momentum of dust in high energy type and low energy type, this ash requires liquid filter bag soft, but also needs a certain stiffness.

When the fabric liquid filter bag is used, satin and twill fabric is suitable, but from the aspects of dust removal power, filtration speed, bone wear strength, the use of needle felt is appropriate, select the weight of 300~600g/m2 needle felt. Woven fabrics are rarely used, and a variety of finishes are used if necessary

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