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Why is the price of the same high efficiency filter different?

Time: 2023-08-10

There are many different prices for high efficiency filters, high efficiency filters are separator high efficiency filter, no separator high efficiency filter, combined high efficiency filter, liquid tank type high efficiency filter, disposable integrated/replaceable integrated high efficiency filter, high humidity high efficiency filter,high temperature high efficiency filter. They are all different prices, specifications, sizes and prices are also different. (Shanghai SFFILTECH High Efficiency Air Filter Factory)

High efficiency filter price and filter material have a lot to do with the outside frame?

At present, most of the filter materials for high efficiency filters in the domestic market are H13 glass fiber filter paper or H14 glass fiber filter paper; Commonly used frame materials are galvanized steel, medium density board, kyauk plywood, aluminum frame or stainless steel frame.

The outer frame of the high efficiency filter without partition is usually more aluminum frame, and the outer frame of the high efficiency filter with partition has galvanized steel plate, medium density board, steel plate, aluminum frame or stainless steel frame, etc. The choice of these outer frames also determines the increase or decrease of the cost, thus determining the price of the high efficiency filter. Shanghai SFFILTECH high efficiency air filter factory

The common separator is aluminum foil and white cardboard, and the price of aluminum separator high efficiency filter and paper separator high efficiency filter of the same specification and model is different, and the paper separator filter can be used in situations where the environment is not high, and thealuminum separator high efficiency filteris selected instead.

The price of high efficiency filter is related to the production process and the quality inspection standard:

High efficiency filter in the production process and should pay attention to the key matters, to ensure that the production of high efficiency filter pass rate reaches more than 99% of our standards, and through a series of corresponding inspection standards to ensure that the catalpa net factory high efficiency filter pass rate of 100%. High efficiency filter production precautions and quality inspection standards (Shanghai SFFILTECH High efficiency air Filter factory)

Key notes: the operator should make the first confirmation when carrying out the mass production of each process above, and then produce after the product inspection is confirmed. In mass production, the operator must self-check the production of 1-3 pieces of the product of each process once to avoid mass rework and scrapping due to other factors in production; Quality inspection shall be conducted for each of the following processes by time sharing and subsection sampling. If any problem is found, production shall be stopped in time. After passing the inspection, production shall be restarted.

The quality inspection shall mark the qualified semi-finished products, unqualified semi-finished products and qualified finished products of each process to facilitate effective differentiation; The inspector randomly draws samples in the workshop and inspects according to the relevant standards of this product. (Shanghai SFFILTECH High Efficiency Air Filter Factory)

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