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Why is the filtration efficiency of H14 high efficiency filter very high?

Time: 2022-05-21

H14 high-efficiency filter is one of the filters. Like the tank-type high-efficiency filter, it has a significant filtering effect and can capture dust particles below 0.5um. It is usually used as the terminal device of the purification system, so it plays a role in the purification system. play an important role. Similarly, the liquid tank type high-efficiency filter is the same, which can effectively control the air pollution in the clean area, but many people ask why the liquid tank type high-efficiency filter or the H14 high-efficiency filter has a high filtration efficiency? This article is about Answer this question for everyone.


H14 high-efficiency filters are divided into particle media filtration and fiber filtration. Particle media filtration mainly uses solid particles as the filter material, such as sand and gravel, through the adsorption of the filter material, the medium of the high-efficiency filter is filtered, and the filter has the advantages of easy cleaning and high filtration efficiency, which can meet the needs of different places. Filter requirements to achieve the ideal filtering effect.


The liquid tank type high-efficiency filter uses fiber material as the filter material, which has the characteristics of good sealing performance, convenient installation, high efficiency and low resistance. It is an ideal terminal filter for industrial clean rooms and biological clean rooms. Therefore, the two high efficiency filters have similar characteristics.


For H14 high efficiency filter, if a fiber filter type filter is selected, asymmetric fiber bundles are used as the filter material. One end of the filter material is a loose fiber bundle, and the other end will be fixed on the solid core. During the filtration process, Due to the comparison of the solid core body, a tensile force will be generated on the fibers, so that the pores of the fiber bundles become smaller, thereby improving the filtration capacity.


The modern fiber type H14 high efficiency filter adds enhancement factors to the fiber bundle filter material, which makes the filter have better filtration efficiency and effect. The structure of this filter is very special, which can form a gradient density of large upper and lower. During filtration, the pore density of the filter material gradually decreases, forming an inverted pyramid structure, which has a high-efficiency filtration effect.


Through the above introduction to the filtration principle of H14 high efficiency filter, have you understood it? If you want to know more about high efficiency filter, you are welcome to pay attention to Shanghai SFFILTECHHigh Efficiency High Temperature Air Filter manufacturer, here not only provide you with equipment such as liquid tank type high-efficiency filters, but also provide various filter equipment information for your reference and help you to further understand and use the equipment.

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