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What will happen after the dust bag is damp?

Time: 2023-04-08

The filter bag is the heart of the bag dust collector. Generally, the cylindrical pulse filter bag is suspended vertically in the dust collector. The dusty gas enters the dust collector through the air inlet and passes through the guide plate of the ash hopper, so that part of the large particle dust in the gas is separated by the effect of inertia force and directly falls into the ash hopper. The vast majority of dust is captured in the outer surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas enters thefilter bagthrough the filter material, and the purified gas enters the upper box through the filter bag mouth, and then is discharged by the outlet. The cage rack inside the filter bag is used to support the filter bag and avoid the depression of the filter bag. Together, it helps the dust cake to be removed and dispersed from the beginning. (Shanghai dust filter bag manufacturer)

The phenomenon that the filter bag will become burned by moisture:

Usually, bilge circle will pulse bag dust filter bag pressure within the plate hole, through the plate will be in the box pulse bag filter dust air chamber air chamber strictly with the case on the net difference, if packing ring and flowers have cracks on plate hole, no seal, will lead to dust gas directly into pulse bag filter net indoor gas, Therefore, the outlet of the exhaust cylinder will be the initial ash. (Shanghai dust filter bag manufacturer)

When the pulse bag dust collector deals with those high temperature and high humidity gases, once the temperature of the gas is lower than the temperature of the dew point, the water vapor will condense and dew will occur, and thedust collector filter bagwill be damp. A lot of dust is adhered to the appearance of the filter bag, these dust blocked the pores, resulting in the pulse bag dust collector blowing compressed air can not be treated, the phenomenon of the burned bag. The impulse bag dust collector will lose its function of dusting, the resistance will become greater, and the operating condition will deteriorate gradually. In order to avoid the condensation of the pulse bag dust collector, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the treatment gas above the dew point of 25℃ to 35℃.

The appearance of the filter bag is specially treated by burning, which can avoid the fiber dropping pollution filtrate. The loose and uniform three-dimensional filter layer has a very high ability to capture solid and colloidal particles. The high strength long fiber makes the filter power of the filter bag stable and the service life longer. (Shanghai dust collector filter bag manufacturer)

Needle felt filter bag product application:

Suitable for filtering general industrial liquid such as electroplating E, D paint, ink, paint, food, chemical, grain and oil and other chemical liquid.

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