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What will affect the price of HEPA filters?

Time: 2022-11-24

The common partitions of HEPA filters with bulkhead are aluminum foil and white cardboard. The price of aluminum bulkheadHEPA filterswith the same specifications and models is different from that of paper bulkhead HEPA filters. Generally, paper bulkhead filters can be used in situations where the environment is not high; otherwise, aluminum bulkhead HEPA filters can be used.

The price of HEPA filter is related to the production process and the quality inspection standard is not standard:

Hepa filter in the production process and should pay attention to the key matters, to ensure that the production of HEPA filter qualified rate of more than 99% of our standards, and through a series of corresponding inspection standards to ensure that catalpa net factory HEPA filter qualified rate of 100%.High efficiency air filterproduction precautions and quality inspection standards high efficiency filter price

Hepa filter because of the price, we gave up a lot of customers, but because of the quality, we increased more customers, so we still adhere to their own principle, cheap HEPA filter is nothing more than to reduce the cost, reduce the service, for HEPA filter seems to be similar, in fact, very different!

There are many different prices for HEPA filters, HEPA filters are divider HEPA filter, no divider HEPA filter, combined HEPA filter, liquid trough HEPA filter, disposable integrated/replaceable integrated HEPA filter, high humidity resistant HEPA filter, high temperature resistant HEPA filter. They all have different prices, specifications, sizes and prices.

Hepa filter price and filter material has a lot to do with the frame?

At present, the filter material of the domestic market of HEPA filter is mostly H13 glass fiber filter paper or H14 glass fiber filter paper; Commonly used outer frame materials are galvanized steel plate, medium density board, Jiao plywood, aluminum frame or stainless steel frame.

The outer frame of thehigh efficiency air filterwithout partition is usually more aluminum frame, and the outer frame of the high efficiency filter with partition is galvanized steel plate, medium density board, steel plate, aluminum frame or stainless steel frame, etc. The choice of the outer frame also determines the rise or decline of the cost, thus determining the price of the high efficiency filter.

Key points for attention: the operator should make the first confirmation when carrying out the mass production of each process above, and then produce the product after the product inspection is confirmed. In the mass production, the operator must self-check the production of 1-3 pieces of each process once, to avoid the mass rework and scrap caused by other factors in the production; Quality inspection shall be conducted on each of the following processes by time sharing and subsection. If any problem is found, production shall be stopped in time. After passing the inspection, production shall be restarted.

Quality inspection shall label qualified semi-finished products, unqualified semi-finished products and qualified finished products in each process to facilitate effective differentiation; Inspectors in the workshop randomly sampling samples, according to the relevant standards of the product inspection.

Make original records and issue inspection report.

1. The hardware department should pay attention to the thickness of the material and the tolerance size of the material should only be negative.

Testing tool: tape measure caliper

2. Pay attention to the temperature and amount of hot melt adhesive when folding and forming by the automatic folding machine in the efficient workshop, and control the folding distance of the filter material.

Eye thermometer and glue line assembly pay attention to the filter material inlet and outlet surface, and the outer frame can not be parallelogram, diagonal to be equal. Inlet face view of filter element; Feel diagonal; Detection tools: tape and caliper;

4. When mixing glue, we must pay attention to the proportion and dosage. When adding catalyst, we should follow the proportion of 1:1000 and pay attention to the weather temperature. The mixing ratio is A:B=1:2.5. The glue is mixed evenly, and the mixing time is not less than 1 minute. Dispensing tools: table scale, dispensing machine, auxiliary tools: stopwatch.

5. Handle the packaging carefully when cleaning. Clean the glue stains when the action is light, do not scratch the outer frame;

Eye view

6, one by one leakage detection, according to the proportion of 10:1 spot inspection efficiency. Detection table handheld detector.

7. Check the production list and check the quantity of products, and issue two copies of the import list.

Objective: Inspection standard of finished catalpa filter

End face: height 123+0-2* Width 151+0-2 mm. Depth: The deviation of depth dimensions is -0.2/-1.2mm. Diagonal: The diagonal of each end face of the air filter is equal.

Verticality: the end face of the frame should be perpendicular to the side, and the deviation should not be greater than 3°.


(1) No deformation, no oil stains, no scratches on the outer frame;

(2) There is no gap at the four corners splicing, and the four corners should be polished without burr;

(3) the color of the screen has no deviation, no rust, and the screen must be close to the air inlet surface;

(4) filter material without damage, no fuzz, fold number 35-37 fold;

(5) The glue surface is smooth, no sag and pile up phenomenon;

(6) The sealing rubber strip is firmly pasted, neatly and without skew.

The outgoing inspector samples the products to be shipped that day.

Make and record visual inspection and measurement of appearance and size.

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