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What types of filter bags and their parameters?

Time: 2023-02-25

Bag filter has high cost effective filtration consumables, low filter element pressure drop, more convenient operation, outstanding function, and is suitable for most conventional precision filtration occasions.

The filter bag mainly includes two types:liquid filter bagandair filter bag. As a filter element, the filter bag guide is a key link in the filtration process. The quality of the filter bag largely determines the filtering effect of the user and can meet the application in various fields. The filter element is the purification equipment needed to purify the original ecological resources and reuse the resources. The filter element has the characteristics of low differential pressure, strong contaminant capacity and long service life; It is applicable to vacuum coating, machinery, optical disk, metallurgy, petroleum, refrigeration equipment and other fields. An indispensable device on the medium transmission pipeline of the filter, which is usually installed at the inlet of the pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, constant water level valve and other equipment of the square filter. The filter is composed of cylinder, stainless steel filter screen, blowdown part, transmission device and electrical control part. The filter bag is the core of the bag filtration system, which directly determines the filtration performance and the quality of the final product.

The filter bag has excellent chemical performance stability and heat resistance. It is the representative of the filter element industry and performance, and also the variety of all commonly used filter materials at the end of performance. It has reached a high level in filtration efficiency and filtration precision. Commonly used filter materials include PE, PP, PTFE, PMIA, NMO, etc.

Filter bag type and parameter structure size:filter bag diameter(mm) length (mm) actual volume (m) area (m) 1 s PP, PE, NM, PX, EX 178 419 7.4 0.252 s PPX PE, NM, PX, EX 178 810 16 0.0 PP, PE, NM, PX, EX 102 229 1.6 0.094 PP, PE, NM, PX, EX 102 380 2.5 0.15 traffic PPPENMPEX 178 810 12 1.0

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