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What material is the high temperature resistant filter made of?

Time: 2022-06-18

Depending on different materials,filter manufacturerscan produce filter devices that can withstand temperatures up to about 300 degrees Celsius. The outer frame of the high temperature resistant air filter is generally a metal frame that can withstand high temperature, and its outer frame is generally of the plate type and the partition type.

According to the filtration efficiency of high temperature resistant air filter, it can be divided into primary high temperature resistant air filter, and high efficiencyhigh temperature resistant air filter. The primary high temperature resistant air filter is generally used for the initial position of the clean system, while the high efficiency high temperature resistant air filter is mainly used for the final stage of the clean system, which is used to filter the dust with particle size of 0.1 to 0.3 microns.


High temperature resistant filter specification characteristics of material description:

1.) Production type: high efficiency filter without partition, high efficiency filter with partition, high efficiency filter with high temperature combination, high efficiency filter with high temperature.

2.) Filter media: H13-H14 glass fiber filter paper, U15-U17 U.S. HV glass fiber filter paper.

3.) Frame material: below 250℃ can choose aluminum profile frame, aluminum plate folding frame, galvanized frame, stainless steel frame; above 250℃ need to choose galvanized frame or stainless steel frame.

4.) Sealing tape: wow rubber plate (250-280℃), PTFE tape (350-400℃).

5.) Filter size: customized according to the actual requirements of customers.


High temperature resistant filter can be divided into two kinds according to the efficiency: high temperature resistant primary filter and high temperature resistant high efficiency filter, customers can choose according to their own requirements. The high temperature resistant filter media is mainly made of special organic synthetic fiber or glass fiber material, which can improve the filtration efficiency, better filtration precision, strong and durable.


The outer frame is made of stainless steel, aluminum frame, galvanized plate and special high-temperature resistant sealant, which can withstand 240 degrees Celsius and 80% humidity, and is suitable for general high-temperature factory air filtration system.

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