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What knowledge does medium-efficiency filter cotton have?

Time: 2022-03-22

Product Features:

1.) The synthetic fiber filter material with increasing density is economical and practical, with low initial resistance, high dust holding capacity, elasticity, safety and environmental protection, and easy to use. This product is commonly used in air filtration and is a common filter material.

The initial (coarse) filter cotton filter grades are divided into: G1, G2, G3, G4. Mainly filter dust particles ≥ 5μm in the air, suitable for coarse dust filtration, pre-filtration of air filtration systems, generally used in ventilation equipment and air control system suction ports as pre-filtration or coarse filtration and other places that are in direct contact with outdoor air.


Filter Cotton Performance

1.) Relative humidity resistance.

2.) Comply with fire classification standards in Europe.

3.) Application: assembly workshop, paint spraying workshop, surface refurbishment, paint baking room, etc.


The use of air filter cotton can effectively avoid the pollution of automobile painting. During the painting operation, a large amount of paint mist, organic solvent vapor and dust will be formed. Long-term exposure of the operator to the body can cause chronic poisoning, skin diseases, etc., detrimental to health. The most important thing is to choosean experienced filter cotton supplier. Filter cotton products are generally used in the surface coating industry. They are specially designed for the end filtration of spray booths. They are made of high-performance hot-melt non-woven fabrics composed of break-resistant synthetic fibers. The fiber density in the direction increases gradually, the filtration efficiency also increases, and the service life is longer.


Precautions When Installing Air Filter Cotton in Containers

Because air filter cotton is used in many industries, it is not only needed domestically, but also needs abroad. Therefore, when air filter cotton exported to foreign countries is loaded into containers, there are a series of problems that need to be known. The problem of not being able to install or not installing enough.

First of all, before loading the cabinet, we need to know the net weight and gross weight of a single roll of air filter cotton. The net weight and gross weight of the air filter cotton can be calculated according to the number of grams.

Secondly, to understand the volume of a single roll of air filter cotton, the volume can be calculated according to the diameter X diameter X height of a roll, and then multiplied by the quantity, the volume can be calculated. It should be noted here that because the loading container involves vacuum packaging, we need to see whether vacuum packaging is required according to the user’s requirements. size to draw conclusions. If the filter cotton is washable, the replaced filter material can be rinsed with water or a solution containing neutral detergent, dried with compressed air or air-dried, and then replaced. The thickness and flatness of the compressed air filter cotton have a certain influence. If the user does not have high requirements for this, it can be recommended to vacuum the packaging. If the requirements are high, then vacuum packaging is not allowed.

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