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What kind of filtering material is used in the humidifier?

Time: 2022-06-20

The filter material used in the humidifier is three-dimensional filtration, that is, about 1 cm thick three-dimensional honeycomb mesh, the middle part of the linked filament is a nylon monofilament with good support properties, and the other part is a fluffy, low-elastic yarn woven from 300D 576F yarn.


Thehumidifier filter media manufactureruses a new dense fiber screen, and the mesh size and yarn density can be adjusted according to the product, providing a new option for humidification filter projects. When used to make refined annular three-dimensional filters, as well as air humidifier related products, the features are as follows.


1.) Fluffy structure, thicker filters humidify more cleanly, and the matching monofilament used to support the entire three-dimensional honeycomb structure allows it to store more moisture.

2.) Effective filtration of microorganisms and impurities in water.

3.) absorbent filter in the absorption of dry air, can filter out hair, pet hair and dust and other larger particles, purification filters, care for sensitive people.

4.) The use of nano-fiber filter paper, can effectively filter limescale, fresh air.

5.) Polyester material with glue bonding more stable, durable and recyclable.


In short, the correct choice of humidifier filter material can effectively relieve dry indoor air and purify impurities. Humidifier filter material is replaced every 3 to 4 months, which will keep the humidifier in the best working condition.

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