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What kind of filter do you use in a paint booth?

Time: 2022-04-26

Spray booth filters can be divided into patio filters, panel filters, reel filters, bag filters and cassette (box) filters.


1) Patio (top cotton) filter:

It is used for air supply and filtration in the dynamic and static pressure chambers of the spray booth without painting air conditioners; non-woven materials with fracture resistance and extremely high dust capture rate are selected; The filter cotton has a very high dust holding capacity and prolongs the service life. In addition, the top cotton product should be compounded with a synthetic material support layer on the air outlet surface to improve the stability of the filter cotton and greatly reduce the risk of being scratched on the air outlet surface of the filter cotton during installation. (Spray Booth Ceiling Filter Manufacturer)


2) Plate (flat) filter:

The primary filtration of the coating air-conditioning filtration system can be used as a medium-efficiency front protection section filtration; the non-woven fabric made of organic synthetic fibers is used as the filter material or the imported glass fiber is used as the filter material, and the outer frame, frame and support frame of aluminum alloy profiles are used. All of them can be reused. When replacing the filter, only the internal filter material needs to be replaced, which is convenient and fast, and greatly reduces the operating cost.


3) Automatic scroll filter:

The filter is a major breakthrough in the field of traditional air filters. It is an air dust removal device that converts the pressure difference between the front and rear of the filter into a sensing electrical signal and automatically replaces the filter material. Strong elastic fiber structure, not compressed together due to large wind resistance, affecting the dust holding capacity; the filter material is sprayed with

Adhesives that enhance the ability to catch ash.


4) Bag filter:

Medium-efficiency filtration in the air-conditioning filtration system, which can be used as the front protection section of high-efficiency filtration: non-woven fabrics made of ultra-fine fibers and organic synthetic fibers are used as the filter material; the effective filtration area is large, the dust holding capacity is large, the resistance is small, and the ventilation Large quantity; the frame and support frame can be reused, and only the filter bag needs to be replaced when replacing the filter, which is convenient and quick, and greatly reduces the operating cost.


5) Box-type (box-type) filter: It is mostly used as a high-efficiency filter for advanced decorative painting air conditioning systems; it adopts high-strength glass fiber paper through special hot embossing process and hydrophobic treatment, which is stable and safe.

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