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What kind of dust can bag dust collector handle?

Time: 2023-04-08

Bag dust collector has been applied more and more widely. At present, bag dust collector can be used to deal with high temperature, high humidity, adhesive, explosive, abrasive flue gas, and even filter the air containing ultrafine dust.

1. High temperature and high humidity gas

All kinds of industrial kiln, dryer and other flue gas belong to high temperature flue gas, most of which also contain a lot of water and sulfur oxide gas.

At present,bag dustcollector can handle the flue gas with a temperature below 300℃, and if the temperature exceeds this temperature, the flue gas should be pre-cooled. In special cases, metal fiber filter material can be used to directly treat the high temperature flue gas at 450 ~ 550℃.

Bag dust collector is widely used to treat the flue gas of steam boiler, cement kiln, metallurgical furnace, incinerator and other high temperature kilns at home and abroad.

Although the bag dust collector is limited by the temperature resistance of its filter material, it can handle the high temperature flue gas of 1200 ~ 1400℃ by proper treatment of the system flue gas. (Shanghai dust bag manufacturer)

2. Adhesive dust

The adhesive dust is easy to coalesce on the surface of the filter bag, and the bag dust collector can deal with the adhesive dust through adsorption, that is, adding an appropriate amount of porous powder into the system pipe, using the powder to absorb the adhesive dust, and then the bag dust collector is purified.

Such as dolomite powder adsorption purification of asphalt smoke with refractory plant, alumina adsorption of asphalt and hydrogen oxide in aluminum plant, road company asphalt concrete workshop with limestone powder adsorption of asphalt smoke, its adsorption efficiency can reach 92 ~ 99%. (Shanghai dust bag manufacturer)

3. Explosive dust

Explosive dust must have the following three conditions to explode:

(1) Combustible substances exist in the flue gas at appropriate concentration;

(2) Sufficient oxygen and oxidants;

(3) There is a source of fire.

Therefore, the purification of such gas should take measures to destroy the above three conditions or one of the conditions.

Simply put is to control the ingredients, eliminate the flame; Eliminate static electricity and grounding of equipment; Monitor explosion prevention, fire extinguishing and explosion relief.

4. Corrosive gases

In flue gas purification system, there are mainly two kinds of media that have corrosive influence on bag dust, such as sulfuric acid gas formed by the presence of sulfur molecules in coal and heavy oil fuel, or various kinds of salt dust produced when encountering water.

At this time, the following anti-corrosion measures should be taken in the application of bag dust collector:

Since the corrosion phenomenon in flue gas purification occurs when the flue gas temperature is below the acid dew point, it is necessary to ensure that the system flue gas runs above the dew point temperature.

In the selection of filter material, the corresponding filter material should be used according to the characteristics of corrosive substances produced by the flue gas, and the purification system with serious corrosion and high requirements, such as pharmaceutical, food, carbon black production and other industries. The important parts of the bag dust collector should be made of stainless steel or coated with anticorrosive paint. (Shanghai PTFE Dust Collector Filter Bag manufacturer)

5. Pecking dust

When dealing with abrasive dusts such as alumina, silica and sinter, the coarse particles in the dust and the air flow in the bag dust collector are too high, resulting in strong wear on the bag bag(ptfe dust collector filter bag) and the shell of the dust collector. Therefore, appropriate measures should be taken to reduce the absolute amount of coarse particles in the flue gas and reduce the velocity of dusty gas. For example, before the flue gas enters the bag dust collector, the pre-dust removal device is set up, the flow rate of the filter bag inlet is strictly controlled, and the wear-resistant material is added to the easily worn part of the air flow inlet.

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