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What is the type of simple wear of high temperature dust bag?

Time: 2023-05-20

High temperature dust bag wear refers to the use of dust bag in the process, because of repeated filtration and reverse air state switch, the bag swelling and shortening, the relative motion between the bag and the dust skeleton and other components, high-speed dust air cleaning and other parts of the wear. Dust bag burning is because of abnormal high temperature or high temperature dust particles of flue gas treatment, the temperature is higher than the tolerance temperature of the filter material, damaging the filter material in the high temperature position.

The corrosion of the dust filter bag is caused by the chemical reaction of the filter material caused by the harmful components in the flue gas, and the mechanical properties of the filter material are reduced and damaged. The corrosion of the dust filter bag mostly appears in the case of excessive flue gas composition, which is divided into gas corrosion and liquid corrosion. When the harmful gas composition exists in liquid, it simply causes the damage of thedust filter bag. (Shanghai ptfe dust filter bag manufacturer)

Today mainly introduces the prevention and treatment of high-temperature dust filter bag wear dust bag wear is the main type of bag damage failure, other types of damage after damaged holes, dust bearing air cleaning is also further wear. The wear is closely related to the structure design of bag filter, air distribution and back blowing ash. The generation part of dust removal dust filter bag wear is divided into dust removal bag mouth, dust removal bag mouth, dust removal bag lower part, dust filter bag bottom and dust filter bag inside, different parts of wear parts and their factors are different, the treatment method is different. (Shanghaiptfe dust filter bagmanufacturer)

The wear of the bag mouth is mostly within 400mm down the bag mouth, and the damage traces are mostly from inside to outside. This kind of wear at the beginning is mainly because the compressed air pulsed back blowing violates the center of the filter bag and directly washes over the side wall of the dust filter bag. Under the continuous erosion of the compressed air on the opposite side, the surface inside the dust bag is mainly blown away by the compressed air, the base cloth is blown away, and then the filter surface is blown away. After one side of the filter bag is damaged, the resistance of the damaged area decreases, the dust gas enters from the damaged area quickly, washes the diagonal of the damaged area, forms a new cavitation and a new inlet of dust gas, and the added cavitation eventually damages the mouth of the bag in a ring, and the bag head and body are separated in serious cases. This damage is mainly due to the high pressure of compressed air, the skew of the short tube, the deformation of the flower plate and other reasons. After this kind of wear, we should reverse blow before replacing the new cloth bag. (Shanghai ptfe dust bag manufacturer)

The damage trace is damaged from inside out, and the damage is at the touch of the longitudinal bar of the bag cage, indicating that the longitudinal bar of the bag cage is welded or rusted, the filter bag is worn or the eruption pressure is too high, the eruption is frequent, and the filter bag and the bag cage are folded and damaged at the touch position. This wear can be dealt with by replacing the bag cage or adjusting the equipment

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