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What is the principle of the filter?

Time: 2022-08-26

Let’s talk about the principle of “filtering” first.

Filtration is the operation of making the liquid in the suspension pass through the pores of the porous medium under the action of external force, while the solid particles in the suspension are trapped on the medium, so as to realize the separation of solid and liquid.

From this, the concept of solid and liquid separation can also be extended to solid and gas (solid suspended particles in gas) separation and liquid and gas (liquid suspended particles in gas) separation.

The “filter” is a mechanical device that achieves filtration.

The principle of the filter is explained by the process of solid and liquid separation. The porous medium installed in theliquid filteris called filter medium; the treated suspension is called filter slurry; the solid particles retained by the filter medium in the filter slurry are called filter cake or filter residue; the liquid after passing through the filter medium is called filtrate. The driving force that drives the liquid through the filter media can be pressure (or differential pressure), gravity, or centrifugal force. The purpose of the filtration operation can be to obtain a clean liquid product or to obtain a solid product.

If there are many solid particles in the filter slurry with different sizes, different filter media can also be used to achieve solid and liquid separation through multi-stage filtration.

The filter medium plays the role of supporting the filter cake and allows the filtrate to pass through. Its basic requirements are to have sufficient mechanical strength (liquid filter) and as little flow resistance as possible. At the same time, it should also have corresponding corrosion resistance and Heat resistance. Such as filter cloths (fabrics woven from natural and/or synthetic fibers), filter screens (nets woven from glass or metal wires), solid particles (sand, charcoal, asbestos, diatomaceous earth), porous membranes ( Various organic polymer films and inorganic material films), etc.

Common filters are: plate and frame filters, leaf filters, drum filters, centrifugal filters, etc. The principle is the same.For example,thehoneycomb activated carbon flat panelandactivated carbon panel filter,please contact our manufacturer if you need.

The principle of plate and frame filter

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